KitchenAid gone Wild

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For those fans of the best mixer out there, we bring you the hot rod Kitchen Aid

This photo, taken by Alton Brown, is awesome.


I am also not a big fan of the flame thing, but I love the concept of customizing your appliances. This is not something I’ve seen before. I have been dreaming and drooling over the KitchenAid Stand Mixer forever. I know that once I get it I will be absolutely obsessed with baking… and with getting all the accessories. I am a bakeaholic already – I would bake everyday if we could just eat it. But I try to limit to once every week or two. Right now we’re on banana bread – recipe will come at a later date.

Anyway, back to customization. I have always wanted the dark blue with stainless trim. But customization sounds like a good alternative. I would take ages to figure out what to do. I would be interested if anyone has ever customized an appliance before – any fridges or anything?

Hitchhiker’s Guide on its way!!

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People who know Ianiv and I know that we read – a lot. And we both read a whole schwack of different topics. But one thing we have in common in our reading lists are good Sci-Fi novels. And I do have to say that Douglas Adams’ Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favourites.

The hot news now is that the first review is out for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. As a little test I Google’d “hitchhikers guide” to see what would come up – and it’s all about the movie. A link to the book itself doesn’t even appear on the first page!! Just goes to show you how many people are excited about the release of this movie. I may be a little tardy in my post on it, but here I am anyway.

Now, I did recently watch the BBC series of Hitchhiker’s and was comically impressed… but there was a lot of room for improvement. I thought that the casting was pretty good for the guys, but I can’t say I like the casting for Trillian or Zaphod. Apparently the same will be true for the new movie. The reviews are pointing to some fantastic comments on capturing the wit and imagination of the author, but there is some disappointment with some characters and the rushed ending.

I’m a little sad that my dissatisfaction with Zaphod from the BBC will not be fixed in the new movie. Although big budget films have given us some amazing monsters and fabulous makeup effects, they do not go so far as to give us our two-headed, three armed Zaphod.

It’s a way off before I can give you my critique of the film (I’m not on the A list yet!), but I will try to make myself a part of the opening here in Vancouver.

Lego Art

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Okay, so maybe it’s a little bit of a stretch to call LEGO art, but if you look beyond your memories of playing with LEGO as a kid, you’ll really get what I’m going to talk about.

Ok, so I was browsing over at Jennifer Rice’s blog reading her post about the blurred lines between customer and company. Just as an example, she talked about the Lego contest that let kids compete weekly for top Lego models.

Ok, so being curious I went through and found some really cool models. It’s no wonder that Lego does this contest – maybe it took a ton of time for them to develop the Lego Digital Designer – but look what they get out of it!! I particularly like this week’s Junior Winner – the Harry Potter Lego!! It’s actually a mock up of the Quiddich Field.


The ability to have your customers design for you is amazing. It not only gives you the opportunity to develop new ideas, but you get that great loyalty that can only come from direct interaction with your customers. Blogging is a way that some companies go about it, but Lego has developed their own system to interact with their main target – kids. Just from the itch I have, I think they are also getting some older Lego fans in there developing some more sophisticated ideas.

And as for it being art – well of course it is! I don’t think art is something that only some people get to define. As has been said before, the Mona Lisa is only “great” art because something had to be great, and somebody just had to say what it was. Now, more and more people are getting to have their say about what art is. And I say it’s really not my place to tell you or anyone what is good or what is art. You decide. As for me, this Lego is art. Why? Because Lego has got to be one of the most creative mediums out there – it’s like painting or drawing… Just a step towards architecture itself. Plus the colour is a component in the design as well as the structure. Anyway, I have had another little unnecessary rant here and will stop now. Go Lego and go Harry Potter. I would love to play with that design.

If anyone out there has developed their own Lego art, please let me know, I’d love to see it!

The TEN’s Machine

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Spine Inc. – TEN’s Machine

Soon to be tried, the TEN’s Machine. I am told it’s like the Dr. Ho machine but perhaps a bit more accredited.

Stay tuned to tomorrow to see what I think about it…

What to do with your shoes…

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Shoe tree

Why not make a shoe tree?

There is a tree in Nevada that has been slowly accumulating shoes. This “collective art.”

A great quote here:
“This tree, literally and figuratively, represents every walk of American life. What probably began as a prank or a joke, and is probably still fueled largely by mischeivous adolescents, has blossmed into a beautiful statement which an indivudal artist could never capture. The very essence of the art lies in the fact that it was created in cohort and by collusion to create an unintentional statement.”

I have to say, I would take pictures too, and maybe toss in a pair of my own. Like leaving a piece of you for others to see. But more cool than on the electrical wires. Wonder how many tosses it takes to get onto the tree?

shoe tree

Also in the post, a gum tree:

“There is a tree at the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. I forget which ride it is, one of the big water rides. The line you have to stand in winds through a forest to the attraction. There are many trees along the path, but one in particular was singled out by the throngs of hot, idle park-goers for a piece of impromptu collective art. I’ve always called it the gum tree. There, on the right-side of the path stands the small tree, it’s trunk almost completely covered in globs of chewing gum of every color imaginable.”

Just a little tip – do not touch the gum tree. I wouldn’t kiss the Blarney Stone either, but apparently there are those of you out there that like to pick up germs.

Sensitile Art

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The Sensitile – Engadget –


An artistic piece in my favourite colour, blue. It’s more than just a piece of static art though.

“Sensitiles shift in response to movement near them, causing bizarre and wonderful ripples and reflections.” (Thanks Engadget)

Stock Market Shoes

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Smart Mobs: Shoes that signal a rise or fall in share price

Ok, well a short post is ok :)

I am a shoe fanatic, but these are definitely NOT on my list. I know they made them as a joke, but seriously, shoes that signal share price movements! crazy!

“We’re using the shoes as a bit of fun but also to show people that we can output information from a computer in other ways than through a screen,” says Professor Peter Eades. “In 10 years the wall will become your screen. Information will be in your clothing, in your furniture.”

How does it work?

“A radio receiver was installed inside the heel and around the inner sole are four mobile phone vibrators that provide information for a slow drop, fast drop, slow rise and fast rise in price.”

Yes I know this is a lazy post. whatever.

Invented by National ICT Australia

For those of you going, oooh I want one, sorry but it is only available in Australia.

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