Hitchhiker’s Guide on its way!!

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People who know Ianiv and I know that we read – a lot. And we both read a whole schwack of different topics. But one thing we have in common in our reading lists are good Sci-Fi novels. And I do have to say that Douglas Adams’ Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is one of my favourites.

The hot news now is that the first review is out for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. As a little test I Google’d “hitchhikers guide” to see what would come up – and it’s all about the movie. A link to the book itself doesn’t even appear on the first page!! Just goes to show you how many people are excited about the release of this movie. I may be a little tardy in my post on it, but here I am anyway.

Now, I did recently watch the BBC series of Hitchhiker’s and was comically impressed… but there was a lot of room for improvement. I thought that the casting was pretty good for the guys, but I can’t say I like the casting for Trillian or Zaphod. Apparently the same will be true for the new movie. The reviews are pointing to some fantastic comments on capturing the wit and imagination of the author, but there is some disappointment with some characters and the rushed ending.

I’m a little sad that my dissatisfaction with Zaphod from the BBC will not be fixed in the new movie. Although big budget films have given us some amazing monsters and fabulous makeup effects, they do not go so far as to give us our two-headed, three armed Zaphod.

It’s a way off before I can give you my critique of the film (I’m not on the A list yet!), but I will try to make myself a part of the opening here in Vancouver.

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