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Smart Mobs: Shoes that signal a rise or fall in share price

Ok, well a short post is ok :)

I am a shoe fanatic, but these are definitely NOT on my list. I know they made them as a joke, but seriously, shoes that signal share price movements! crazy!

“We’re using the shoes as a bit of fun but also to show people that we can output information from a computer in other ways than through a screen,” says Professor Peter Eades. “In 10 years the wall will become your screen. Information will be in your clothing, in your furniture.”

How does it work?

“A radio receiver was installed inside the heel and around the inner sole are four mobile phone vibrators that provide information for a slow drop, fast drop, slow rise and fast rise in price.”

Yes I know this is a lazy post. whatever.

Invented by National ICT Australia

For those of you going, oooh I want one, sorry but it is only available in Australia.

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