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Shoe tree

Why not make a shoe tree?

There is a tree in Nevada that has been slowly accumulating shoes. This “collective art.”

A great quote here:
“This tree, literally and figuratively, represents every walk of American life. What probably began as a prank or a joke, and is probably still fueled largely by mischeivous adolescents, has blossmed into a beautiful statement which an indivudal artist could never capture. The very essence of the art lies in the fact that it was created in cohort and by collusion to create an unintentional statement.”

I have to say, I would take pictures too, and maybe toss in a pair of my own. Like leaving a piece of you for others to see. But more cool than on the electrical wires. Wonder how many tosses it takes to get onto the tree?

shoe tree

Also in the post, a gum tree:

“There is a tree at the Kings Island amusement park in Ohio. I forget which ride it is, one of the big water rides. The line you have to stand in winds through a forest to the attraction. There are many trees along the path, but one in particular was singled out by the throngs of hot, idle park-goers for a piece of impromptu collective art. I’ve always called it the gum tree. There, on the right-side of the path stands the small tree, it’s trunk almost completely covered in globs of chewing gum of every color imaginable.”

Just a little tip – do not touch the gum tree. I wouldn’t kiss the Blarney Stone either, but apparently there are those of you out there that like to pick up germs.

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