Argentinian Treats – Alfajores

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This post from Josh Rubin reminded me of something I haven’t had in a while. An alfajor is a South American treat made with two cookies and milk jam (dulce de leche) in between. My favorite brand is Alfajores Havanna from Argentina. They have several flavours, but I prefer the chocolate covered ones.
Every time we go to Argentina we come back with a few boxes of this stuff and we try to make them last as long as possible. It’s always a dissapointment when I finish mine, I never know when I’ll be able to get more. But this time I do know, my mother is going to visit my grandparents in Argentina soon and she will probably bring some goodies :)

One Response to “Argentinian Treats – Alfajores”

  1. AAlfajorero says:

    The best argentina aflajor

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