If only they shipped to Canada…

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I’m starting to get a little frustrated by the lack of standard shipping to Canada for online stores. Time and time again I go online to search for stuff for around the house, for me or for whatever only to find that the exact thing I want cannot be shipped to Canada. And I ask why not. Is it really so hard? All the major shippers come to Canada. Sure, we have to pay a premium. But really, not a hard thing to add to your programming. And hey, we are a large population here!! One that is very willing to spend its extra cash online.

So, today I encountered the same problem for maybe the dozenth time. I had a page bookmarked for about a week now, with some really great decor items that I wanted to look at when I had free time. Today I went to look. And, yeah. Great stuff. But no shipping to Canada. Grrrrrrrrrrrr. I am so mad about this. Why is it such a big deal to put a different address on a package and have me pay once it gets here? So easy. To ship to Canada on UPS is just pulling down a different country on the tab. No more work than shipping within the US.

So, today I was looking at Wisteria. I had been drooling over these pictures:


I love to accessorize with really unique things. These just screamed “me”. I love that they are rustic but really contemporary. Granted, I could likely make the bottle candle holder myself – but it would not have the great stand.

I had another of these awful shipping stories at Christmas time. This year was my first year having a Christmas tree – so I needed to accumulate some of the basic ornaments. I had everything covered except the tree topper. I knew exactly what I wanted. Something I had seen similarly last year. A beautiful star that had points out in all directions and was intertwined with twigs or metal. I have seen these in both metal and twig versions. Well, I searched for days in shops and online. No luck. But I did find a great Capiz star tree topper over at Macy’s for an amazing price. I fell in love with it. This large company didn’t ship to Canada either. Great. I even went as far as writing an email to them asking them to ship to me anyway. No luck. So after all that I had to use a bow.

Now, all of these troubles could be aleviated by shipping to Canada. Face it: if you have an online presence, you cannot pretend to sell to one geographic region. You MUST be prepared or you will face with some angry potential customers and lose out on a potential revenue source that could far exceed your target base. My business recommendation: be prepared for international shipping. People like me will come knocking if you don’t.

One Response to “If only they shipped to Canada…”

  1. Kattrack says:

    Greetings – Colonial Candle accepts orders to Canada via our phone service. Due to some changes in technology and assessment of new fees, it took us awhile to re-instate this service.

    Call us to order for the holidays, we would love your business:

    1-866-445-9993 Monday – Friday, Central Time US
    ColonialCandle.com Team

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