I am Canadian Too!

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I am Canadian Too!

Last Friday I joined 79 other people from 25 different countries in a ceremony to receive our Canadian citizenship. So after 7 and a half years I am finally Canadian.

I arrived at the room around 9am and showed my record of landing and my ceremony invitation to a lady who made sure I was supposed to be there. She gave me some papers and asked me to sit in chair #72 (I think…), the papers where: the words for the Canadian anthem in English and French, a letter from the Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet also in English and French and a triptic from the Public Service Commission of Canada. The judge gave a speech and then we swore allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada. First we had to do this in French but we were told we were not being tested on accent, so we all gave a sigh of relief and just repeated after the judge as best as we could. We then sang the Canadian anthem, but only in English. They gave us our Canadian Citizenship certificate and then I went to work.

So, what does all this mean to me? I can get a Canadian passport, vote in elections and be part of the government. I mean, this just makes it official, but I have been part of Canada for the past seven years; getting a piece of paper does not make me any more Canadian than I was last week. Go read Arieanna’s post about Canadian identity to see what I mean.

For others in the room it probably meant much more, some people might have come to Canada as refugees and getting their citizenship marks the end of a long road and the start of a new life.

How do people find us?

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So, Blogaholics is about a month old now. I was just looking over at our statistics package with AW Stats and I decided I really had to post something about the search phrases people use to find us. Some make sense based on our content… others, not so much.

Here are the oddest, most bizarre search phrases used to find blogaholics, listed in order of popularity (meaning more than one person actually found us this way):

–note, my comments are in brackets
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I am Canadian, What am I

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Ianiv is going to the official ceremony tomorrow to become Canadian. I thought this would be a good time to review my old school paper on what it means to be Canadian – or, rather, what it doesn’t mean. It was probably one of the most challenging papers I have ever written – partly because it was important to me in some way, and partly because really nobody speaks authoritatively on what the “Canadian identity” really is. What does it mean, after all, to be Canadian?

A cool tidbit – there was no such thing as a Canadian citizen until 1947 when the Canadian Citizenship Act was passed. That has given us 58 years to truly define who we are – our norms, values, traditions, images, patterns of behaviours and institutions.
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Beautybar Cosmetics

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I stumbled across Beautybar Cosmetics last week when I was out walking on 4th. It’s in that new section of stores between Yew & Arbutus. Except it’s the only store that is completely done.

I was thoroughly impressed. I am a bit of a sucker for looking at makeup, but it’s not often I actually enjoy looking at other products like creams or whatever. I just find it too confusing and really never get to see them all together. You have to go to each cosmetic counter. It’s very annoying. HOWEVER, at beautybar I got to see a whole bunch of really cool beauty products and cosmetics. Ones that you don’t really ever see – lots of imported stuff.

What impressed me most was just the feel of the store. It was so nicely designed and so compact. Just really great experience. They have a whole range of men friendly products and even a shave bar where you can try out the products for free. You can shave right there. So cool. There is a juice bar too.

I really enjoyed the service. There were good samples and they were more than happy to sample products that had no samples of their own. Really great to get me to know products.

So, another unique review for the day. A cosmetic store. I suggest you pop in and see it. Really cool. And not a bad website either.

MAIDs for blogs

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One of my colleagues has just posted on our site about MAIDS – Mobile and Internet Dependency Syndrome.

The blog version of this dependency is part of what we are – blogaholics. I love our URL.

Flickr Acquisition Poll

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No news yet as to whether or not Flickr is actually being acquired, but regardless, Kris Krug has started a poll asking opinions on:

1. who will likely buy it
2. for how much
3. when

Go to Kris’ site to add your comments.

Flickr acquisition rumors

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This article talks about the rumors of a possible acquisition of Flickr by Yahoo. I’ve been talking about this with Kris Krug, who thinks something like this is just a matter of time.
If this ever happens I hope the Flickr team stays in control of the service. Flickr seems to really listen to its users and I would hate to see that disappear.
But for now these are just rumours, and a comment by Caterina Fake makes me think they are not true.

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