Massive recap

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Techvibes Massive went off pretty well. Was a very busy very interesting event. Overall, a bit too many marketing companies were represented, but I thought it was one of Vancouver’s better technology conferences. Definitely one of the largest.

I made the rounds pretty fast, scouting out what was going on with many of our local tech companies, and headed off to hear Dave Chalk & Mike Agerbo give a little speech on digital media in the home. Somewhat controversial topic, but, without coffee, speaking up was not something I was about to do!

Got to chat a bit with the guys from Bryght, although their booth was packed with people asking questions. Way to go guys!

Kris Krug has a tidy little post wrapping up the event, including some podcasts and event photography. Wish I could have stayed around long enough to podcast with them, but it was nice to see somebody at this technology conference actually highlighting technology. :)

Beercasting files

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The latest discussion topics from last night’s Beercast have been posted to Simply pull down the menu for “vancouver squad” to March 30th.

I participated in a beercast for the topic “Canadian culture” – a topic I am, as you know, quite opinionated on. The discussion was held between myself, Ianiv, Will Pate, and Richard Eriksson. You can download that mp3 as topic 83, or from the direct link here.

Many thanks to Kris Krug for the great event organization and topic suggestion!

New Blog – blogging help

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Today marks the launch of yet another blog – blogging help.

blogging help is the product of a lot of thought. Aside from my regular posts on blogging for business, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs on marketing, blogging, etc… After a couple weeks of this, I decided I needed to post my opinion somewhere. I never expected to metablog, but when an opinion needs to be let out, then it’s time to make a new blog.

A large goal for the blogging help blog will be to address two main areas:
1. blogging for business
2. basic blogging how to’s to get started

Aside from posting in these areas, Ianiv & I will be offering our services as consultants. We think that, combined, we can offer very attractive business advice paired with advanced technical know-how for custom blog packages. Read more about what we are offering here.

Take the time to subscribe to blogging help for great advice for your blogging needs.

Trees Organic – Revised Review

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I have revised my review of Trees Organic based upon a wider sample of coffee. Basically, to sum up, I dropped my rating from 4/4 to 3/4. I still maintain that they have the city’s best drip coffee, but I am not positive that the baristas are trained well enough to make a high quality and consistent espresso.

Go here to read the full review, including updates.

Originally posted to Vancouver Coffee

Nala vs. Guinness

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The difference between boy cats and girl cats…

Nala sees silverfish (type of bug). Nala looks at silverfish. Gently paws silverfish, not really wanting to touch the silverfish.

Guinness sees silverfish. Pounces on silverfish. Eats silverfish. Problem solved.


Massive 2005 tomorrow

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So, tomorrow is a busy day.

I will be attending Massive 2005 tomorrow – at least for the AM. I will be blogging it in the evening, after the beercast, of course. Eventblogging it would have been cool but a big task. Anyway, hopefully I’ll bring back some good news. My worry is that the event may be more hype than substance, but it’s still a great way to get out in the morning. I don’t know of any good coffee places around Science World, but maybe I can alter my route to find something good for the Vancouver Coffee blog.

Enter the Conversation – Part 3 of Blogging for Business series

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The world of business is intertwined with conversations – the industry is talking, your customers are talking, your competitors are talking – you need to be a part of those conversations. If you don’t, your market will pass you by. If you stay silent, people will begin to look at you as uninventive, arrogant, or secretive. I will argue for the importance of these conversations and how you can enter in a positive way.

A conversation is authentic communication with the aim to build a relationship over time. The relationship involves give and take (shared linking and comments, for example), but also much more.

You need to be a part of the conversation

Your customers are asking to be a part of your company. They are actually demanding it. Your customers are no longer satisfied with seeing your brand – they want to see the people behind your brand.

If you cannot foster dialogue with your customers, how do you expect to retain them? You need a relationship now to both sell your product/service and to retain your customers.

In gratitude for you taking a genuine interest in them, your customers are more likely to be loyal to you, to spread positive word of mouth, and to give you insight on how to improve your product.

How do you enter the conversation?

The blog is your conversation. Here are some great tips on how to make your blog your most effective communication tool.

Be authentic

You need to care about the customer enough to take down some walls. Be clear, be honest, be real. Blogs are real time – if a post takes you an hour, it’s taking too long. You are crafting far beyond your authenticity. Customers value transparency. This means that you should admit when you make mistakes, be open if there are problems, talk about your successes, and make an effort to post regularly and with some passion.

Invite interaction

Your customers are knocking on your door to talk to you. And this does not mean they want to phone you up or complain. They might just want to know what’s new, what you think, why you are the leader in what you do, and that you care.

Blogs are a very easy tool. You have your comment box. Your customers will use it. And the media will also get involved here too. If you show them you know your stuff, it will pay off. Make sure to watch your comments – interact back online so others can see. At the same time, take it to the next level by sending off an email. Say thanks for the comment – get that conversation going to the next level. You never know when it will pay off for a big sale or a great article about you.

Trackbacks are your conversations too. It’s your way to jump into a conversation – you link to others in your topic, they link to you. Suddenly you have a web of knowledge.

How can you post to invite conversation?

- post relevant information, fairly often (it’s best to start posting a lot at first to attract the spiders and your biggest readers)
- offer some insight and opinion
- ask questions
- link to people who’ve talked on the same topic – supplement their arguments or go against them, either is fine
*linking out attracts linking in
- weigh your posts as a mix of short timely posts and longer more authoritative posts
- use your strongest key phrases in the titles of your articles
- although your content may revolve around your industry, leave self promotion to less than 25% of your posts

The best tip – write with energy and a passion for what you do.

Blogging for business overview
Part 1 – Why blog?
Part 2 – How to start blogging on the right foot

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