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If you live in Kitsilano or are around for the day, I highly suggest you stop by Raviolino. It’s a great gourmet pasta joint near 4th and Macdonald. They make really amazing canneloni. Mmmm.

I am more than convinced that if this lovely spot were just a handful of blocks East, closer to Safeway and Capers, it would be packed all day long. Unfortunately, as it is, the lovely spot may go to waste. I really encourage you to support this great food treasure by going there and spreading the great food with your friends.

Raviolino is family run by a really amazing group of people. Maria Frasca, from Peru, and husband Giuseppe, from Italy, make everyting from scratch. Yes, the pasta is from scratch. You can watch them doing it when you go in. They are a really friendly couple, more than willing to teach you a little about how to prepare a great dish for your family and friends. They will set you up with everything you need for a meal for one, two, or a big dinner party. You order just what you need, so nothing ever goes to waste.

I have to say I love the pasta sauces. I have had fresh pasta sauce from Granville island too, but I far prefer Raviolino.

The restaurant portion is open for lunch and some dinners (I believe), but what is really great about them is the huge variety of food you can get there to take home for your dinner or to stock up your cupboards.

The menu includes:

Fresh agnolotti filled with chicken and roasted garlic
Mezzaluna in a wide variety
Lasagna in veggie, meat or seafood
Tons of regular pastas
Pastries and goodies

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  1. Burundo says:

    I really recommend this place!

    This is their address:
    2822 West Fourth

  2. Bryght says:

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