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As many of you might have already read on Tris’ blog, we’ve got some new blogging gigs. Thanks to Tris, we’ve been able to take on some really great blogs.

I’ll be writing on:
Ianiv will be writing on
Tris will be writing on

Up to now, Tris has been writing on all three blogs. And doing a fabulous job. However, the owner of the blogs at wants to make each blog a thought-leader, and part of the way to do that is to get a different writer for each blog. So, that’s the story. Tris tipped us off and we were excited to take it on.

As Tris notes, it’s a great way to “keep it in the family.” Ianiv & I tend to chat with Tris most days, so we share a lot of links and ideas. We should be able to create some good blog conversations this way too.

Ianiv & I will be using the Blogaholics and Blogging Help bylines, and Tris will be using his byline too “Tris Hussey is the Chief Blogging Officer for Qumana Software and Managing Director of Qumana Services. He can be reached at tris AT qumana DOT com or tris AT trishussey DOT com.”

Now, I was hoping to get the login info today, but no luck. Ianiv & I will be gone until Sunday afternoon – we’re off camping. Might be able to snap up a post if I’m lucky, but don’t count on it. Too bad, I’m just itching to go!

On another note, I’ll be continuing as a contributing writer on Get Real. Passed my Guest Blogger stage. Wohoo. Exciting day.

Can’t wait to get more of these gigs!

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  1. Brian Ragle says:

    I am an established writer and experienced blogger with just one tiny, miniscule problem: I need a job. I am equipped with all the tools, access, and information necessary but require some attention to get noticed and snapped by a firm looking to hire a brilliant, passionate, and eager writer. Any thoughts?

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