Foot fetish?

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Do you have a foot fetish? Or do you have a thing for celebrities? Well, why not the combine the two: Feet Me.

Guess the celebrity feet.


Link via The J-Walk Blog

Bandaid – rubber wrist bands to raise awareness

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There are so many wrist bands out there to raise awareness and funds – but they’re also a fashion item. There are so many now, inspired by the first one by Lance Armstrong, that it’s hard to keep track. Here is a great list from Closetspy tracking what each of them mean.

Yellow = Lance Armstrong Foundation Cancer Campaign

Black and White = Anti Racism

Purple = Cystic Fibrosis

Blue = Anti-Bullying

Pink = Breast Cancer

Red = Aids Research

Lime Green = Muscular Dystrophy

Aqua Blue = Ovarian Cancer

Green = Organ Donor

White = Make Poverty History

Grey = Diabetes

Bright Green = monthly breast exam

Pale Blue = Cultivate Peace

Dark Blue = Colon Cancer

Pale Blue and White = Tsunami Relief

Purple = Lupus

White = Alzheimer’s

Orange = Anti-smoking

Purply-blue = Say No To Drugs

Blue with Jigsaw Pattern = Autism

Light Blue = prostate cancer

dark green = Leukaemia

Check out Closetspy for all the links to each of these causes.


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Rob Cottingham came up with a funny term for blogs that don’t include the full text of posts in the RSS feed:

half-RSSed, adj., haff-AHRST: A blog whose RSS feed offers only headlines and not the body text you really want to read.

Go leave him a comment and tell him what you think.

Dangerous Hacker

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This log of a conversation on an IRC channel is really funny: some guy claiming to be a hacker ends up apparently destroying his own computer. About 9 or 10 years ago I used to hang out in some Mexican IRC channels and had to deal with people like this. I think I still have a file with very funny log excerpts, if I find it I’ll post some here.

Is this blog catch up time?

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I usually spend a large portion of my Sunday catching up on blogging and blog reading… and I can see the rest of you do so as well.

I just checked out my feed stats and noticed some good clickthrough rates on stuff I’d just written.

So, I guess I’m not the only one plugging away in the blogging world.

BTW, if you want to know what I’m up to, I’m writing all the coffee reviews from the Eat! Vancouver event over on Vancouver Coffee. I think I am on review #3 now. I don’t recall how many there were. :)

Wohoo, taxes are done

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It’s good to have taxes out of the way. I am usually done my taxes the day I receive my last T slip, but things were too busy this year and it slipped out of our radar.

But, it’s done. Refund cheques are a good thing. :)

New blog: Baking Low Fat

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We’ve officially launched our 5th blog: Baking Low Fat.

I love to bake. Don’t know if it’s the ingredients, the process, or just the satisfaction of eating the goodies, but I love baking far more than cooking. However, for health reasons, we try to be really healthy in the kitchen. I’ve found it quite hard to accomidate my love for baked goods into a healthy lifestyle. Baking is not really a low-carb diet, but I’m not a low-carb kind of person. Happen to love my carbs.

Fortunately, I have come across a couple of hard-to-get cookbooks and constantly search the web for tons of recipes and tips. So, I am able to enjoy the yummy baked goods without all the fat. Luckily, there are some easy ways to take out the oil and butter without sacrificing the flavour.

So, this blog is to share what I’ve learned. And, bonus, it’s a Drupal blog. So, you can share your recipes and ideas too. Subscribe to the blog, and join the community of healthy bakers.

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