People who make keyboards do not have cats

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I am firmly convinced that the makers of keyboards do not have cats. No matter how hard you try to stop it, they always want to step on the keys.

Well, I was just finishing off a post for Get Real, and was quite happy with it (really, in fact, down to the last word), when the cats both decide to take a little trip to the other side of the desk. Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to lift them fast enough to avoid a paw inadvertantly stepping on the power key.

Ok, I can forgive the cats, Not the smartest animals. But, the people who made the keyboard… Why would you ever put a power button on a Keyboard? Sleep, yes. Hibernate, maybe. But power!

My 2nd attempt at the article is not as good. I have no idea what my inspiration was in the first go around but I’m attempting it anyway.

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