More playing with Qumana

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This is me trying drag & drop:
On June 13th Qumana will confirm itself as the easiest, fastest, and most fun way to post to your blog.
Qumana will give you choice and control over what you post and how you post … with a WYSIWYG blog client that can post to multiple blogs, on all major blog platforms. With one or two simple gestures .. drag and drop and edit … and then click to post.
Qumana will launch with a range of features that will save you time online .. plus there are a couple of surprise features that will take your blogging to the next level.
While we redevelop our site, our blog will continue at
Until then the countdown has begun…
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Playing with Qumana

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This is me playing around with my new Qumana toy. I have what is pretty close to the new software release that is coming out June 13th. It’s a very exciting time to start working with Qumana. I cannot reveal secrets, but I am pleased about the release, and even more excited about what’s to come after that.

So, this is me inserting an ad, very easily:

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One more day

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The countdown is almost over, and it’s a good thing. I am just itching to write on all my blogs. Despite devoting time each night to keeping up with my reading, my non writing activities have taken up a portion of my time. I am really looking forward to dumping out some ideas and sharing some great links.

So, thanks for all the support I’ve received so far!

Being published

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It’s an odd thing, being “published” – that is, being talked about in an offline traditional media sort of way.

Ianiv and I have both had friends and well-wishers come up to us or email us after noticing us in today’s paper. And you should see how happy our mothers are.

Really, it’s an interesting contrast between getting written about online, which is also publishing, versus being in the paper. The one seems to be of a higher “standard” than the other.

Is this because self-publishing has made it easy for anyone to post online that it becomes difficult to “valuate” some articles over others? When you think about it, valuation is what sets traditional media apart. It’s a money making business worth a ton of money. High barriers to entry. Valuation is at its centre of being.

So, I am nonetheless happy to be featured in traditional format, but am also quite as pleased each time I get referenced or talked about on the web.

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Warren Frey gave us a call on Saturday to do a short interview for an article in the Metro, one of the free daily newspapers you can find in every corner of the city. We talked a little about BloggingHelp and the services we offer. The article is on today’s paper, but if you can’t get a dead-tree version of it, don’t worry, the whole paper is available as a PDF. Check us out on page 12.

I have to mention that the picture was taken by Tris Hussey at Moby’s Pub on Salt Spring Island. And I am wearing Tris’ NY State Police Academy sweatshirt too.

Arieanna goes ProBlogger

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I have taken the leap and have decided to turn ProBlogger.

What does this mean? That I will be officially working for myself as a professional blogger and consultant on a full-time basis. After much debate with myself, I decided to take the leap and see what I could make of the opportunities presented to me. I will be “officially” ProBlogger starting on Wednesday.

I’m really excited to be joining the force of professional bloggers along with others such as Darren Rowse and Tris Hussey. I also feel proud to be one of the first few women to take the leap into professional blogging.

So, here is a wrap up of some of what I’ll be doing. I’ll continue to write on all of our blogs, and maybe add a few more to the “Blogaholics Network.” I’m going to ramp up the services offered by our ‘official’ company name: Blogaholics Consulting. Our consulting site will continue to be Blogging Help. Some of the services that I’ll be offering include:

  • blog writing on pretty much any topic
  • blog setup
  • SEO with blogs
  • training sessions (blog intro, blogging basics, listening to the blogosphere)
  • public speaking
  • event blogging
  • media purchases for blogs (read below)

At the same time that I’ll be monetizing our own blogs, I will be helping other bloggers out there achieve high yield sponsorship. Putting my marketing hat on to ensure that both the advertisers and the bloggers get the optimal deal. Right now I’m working with Darren Rowse for sponsorship on his Digital Photography Blog. It’s been great so far.

Ok, if that list is not long enough, I’m also going to be working with Qumana and Qumana Services. The latter is a bit of a duplication of the above services, but I’ll have the chance to work more closely with Tris Hussey to really tag team the effort. I’ll be working with Qumana on a blogging/marketing type role. Tris & I came up with the lovely title of Senior Blog Marketing Specialist. Very cool. I’m really looking forward to contributing to Qumana.

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be blogging for the Collaborative Technology Conference – I’m running a series of interviews with Stowe on the speakers and moderators who will be at the conference. The list is just packed with really interesting people. All the interviews are cross-posted to the CTC Blog and to Get Real. Hopefully I’ll be able to event blog the conference as well.

This is my current list of blogs:

Our blogs


Blogging Help

Vancouver Coffee

Baking Low Fat

Cooking Made Simple (with Tris Hussey)

Microbrewblog (coming soon with Tris Hussey)

Blogs I write on (or am soon to start writing on)

Get Real

Wireless Jobs

DVD Skills


Qumana Investor Blog

So, it’s a pretty exciting time. I am just ready to load up my plate with more stuff that I am seriously passionate about. Want to reach me? Email arieanna AT blogaholics DOT ca

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Summer officially hits Vancouver

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It’s finally summer in Vancouver. Our apartment is officially too hot to live in, but hey. That’s the price you pay for great windows in an old building. My widget says it’s 21 degrees outside, but it’s 30 degrees inside. I am pretty sure we were supposed to be at 30 all weekend. Wohoo.

So, we’re going to head out any minute to grab some rays at the beach. We had some stuff to do business wise before we could indulge. Granted, we’re still behind in our blogging, but tomorrow is another day :)

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