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It’s an odd thing, being “published” – that is, being talked about in an offline traditional media sort of way.

Ianiv and I have both had friends and well-wishers come up to us or email us after noticing us in today’s paper. And you should see how happy our mothers are.

Really, it’s an interesting contrast between getting written about online, which is also publishing, versus being in the paper. The one seems to be of a higher “standard” than the other.

Is this because self-publishing has made it easy for anyone to post online that it becomes difficult to “valuate” some articles over others? When you think about it, valuation is what sets traditional media apart. It’s a money making business worth a ton of money. High barriers to entry. Valuation is at its centre of being.

So, I am nonetheless happy to be featured in traditional format, but am also quite as pleased each time I get referenced or talked about on the web.

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