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Warren Frey gave us a call on Saturday to do a short interview for an article in the Metro, one of the free daily newspapers you can find in every corner of the city. We talked a little about BloggingHelp and the services we offer. The article is on today’s paper, but if you can’t get a dead-tree version of it, don’t worry, the whole paper is available as a PDF. Check us out on page 12.

I have to mention that the picture was taken by Tris Hussey at Moby’s Pub on Salt Spring Island. And I am wearing Tris’ NY State Police Academy sweatshirt too.

4 Responses to “ in the Metro”

  1. Qumana Blog says:

    Arieanna, Ianiv launch with a bang

  2. Anonymous says:

    4 adsense ads on a page….opps….that’s a no, no….pro?

  3. Yeah, but not her fault. It’s a mistake I made and easily fixed. You don’t ever make mistakes?

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