Who uses photo albums?

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The photography landscape is changing. When was the last time you actually put pictures in an album? Let alone print them. We just took in some film after having it sit around for a few months. So, the pictures will sit in the envelope until I have enough time to sort them and put them in an album. Then we’ll look at them once a year if we’re lucky.

What’s wrong with this picture? When digital photography and online albums first started, I resisted the pull. I couldn’t even fathom sitting down with family and friends in front of a computer to look at family photos. I could see the benefit of sharing them online, but didn’t get that whole revolution of archiving and really sharing. Of actually looking at your pictures a ton of times. Well, Flickr was my revolution. Tagging, sharing, viewing. All my pictures are there. I hardly even think of using film now. And I’ve mostly lost the urge to print off and store pictures. Mostly, but not completely. I still like to sit and share a bit. And I can see how it would be great for family pictures. That tangible bit I’ve yet to let go of, both with pictures and with books (though I read e-books as well).

So, when I came across this company I had an “ah ha” moment. Momento is a company that turns photos into books. Lovely coffee table books. Ones you can leave out and admire. And, since they are crafted with far more skill than you can ever scrapbook, and more style as well, you would want to leave them out. And, oh, so much faster. All you do is take their software, put together your photobook using some easy tools, then get it printed. It has the selectivity of digital that we all love, coupled with the tangible archiving many of us just love. Made me happy. Now, if only I knew of people around here to do it, and at a reasonable price. Such a good idea. Thinking wedding here!

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Live 8 – get the word out

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Sifry announced a couple of days ago that a campaign has been put together to get some attention to Live 8. The campaign was to give away 50 backstage passes to bloggers to go to one of the Live 8 concerts. To blog them, podcast them, and get the cause some attention. Plus, it’s free. Well, you say the word “free” and we’ll jump through hoops.


No, seriously. I really think that Live 8 is an amazing effort put forth at the right time (in marketing speak). Why? Because the idea is hot. And the industry is just shaking with growth and energy. And, as we clearly saw at Gnomedex, we’re a tight group of people. So, I’d like to gain whatever notice that I can for Live 8. First and foremost, that is the most important thing.

Picture 1What is Live 8?

Live 8 is a series of benefit concerts and events all around the world. The cause is poverty. A big problem to tackle, in a big way. 30,000 kids die every day. Poverty kills.

Live 8 is a chance for everyone to really help out. To take a stand that will let the leaders of the world know that we want to do something about poverty. Not a protest. Not a march. But a stand that is just as powerful. As a result, it is hoped that the leaders take notice of the peaceful demands of the thousands around the world who are asking for change. And that they take the power of this demand to the G8 summit on July 6th as the main issue.

On 6th July 2005, the leaders of Great Britain, the USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Russia will meet at Gleneagles in Scotland to talk about world affairs, including Africa. They will be presented with a workable plan to double aid, drop the debt and make trade laws fair.

Concerts will be held in Philly, Berlin, London, Rome, Paris, and Edinburgh. Others are cropping up as well.

Let’s make the voices of 1 million spectators and billions of viewers/reders be heard.

What is this contest?

one.org have 10 backstage press passes for each of the following Live 8 concerts up for grabs to the bloggers of the world: Philadelphia, Paris, Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo. Those selected would blog, podcast, videoblog the whole thing. Toss up some pictures to Flickr. Get some exposure.

Plus, Virgin Airlines has donated some tickets for 5 of these 50 bloggers to actually fly out for the G8 summit.

Point of departure is New York, so I guess you’d need to get there first. But, I’d jump at the chance to be a part of covering the summit live. To blog a summit of such importance. Wow. Really, $500 is nothing compared to what kind of exposure that would mean. Both to me and to people who would read it. What a life changing experience. Flight cost would be like a donation. Wouldn’t even make me blink.

And, if sponsored by other blogs or media networks, I would have an even greater opportunity to share what was there. I know that it would be welcome content on Corante, as well as on my own blogs. I’m looking forward to buying some new podcasting gear this weekend, and can put that towards good use.

But, that is assuming I am selected to be of the 50. Then of the 5. So, that’s presuming too much. But, for whichever bloggers are selected, it would be an amazing experience. One I would follow closely.

Here is what I hope. That they select bloggers of both genders and of varied backgrounds. Some techies, some not. Perspective is a great asset in getting out news. With that kind of variety, everyone would have a different story to tell. And stories are powerful communicators.

Bloggers are the new voice in the media. We can shake things up. Get some perspective. Be authentic and real and have fun. Make the issue real. That’s what Live 8 is all about.

Now what?

Well, go blog about Live 8. Go blog about poverty. Help get some exposure. Selected or not, I will be following along what’s going on and posting it. I’ll try to skim through a feed of the tag and share some of what I find. I encourage you to spread the word too.

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Canadian Professional Blogging Podcast #3: Event Blogging Tips

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So, as all of my readers here at Blogaholics have noticed, I went all out event blogging Gnomedex. It’s something I absolutely love to do.

Tris & I thought we would share some event blogging tips with everyone. We both approach it a little differently, but there are some simple tips you can follow to get out both quality and quantity with your posts. Preparation and fast typing are only part of the picture. One of the hardest parts is actually remembering to type when you are enjoying the speaker.

But, tune in for all the tips we share. Feel free to leave any comments you have about your own event blogging experiences. Fun? Hard? Tiring?


Canadian Professional Blogging Podcast #3

15.3 MB 16 mins 48 sec

Show notes on Qumana blog

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New personalized search from Google

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Google has announced a new version of personalized search today. It uses search history, which it has been collecting after you sign in to Google.

Personalized Search is an improvement to Google search that orders your search results based on what you’ve searched for before. Learning from your history of searches and search results you’ve clicked on, Personalized Search brings certain results closer to the top when it’s clear they’re most relevant to you.

Part of Personalized Search is the Search History feature, which lets you view and manage your history of past searches and the search results you’ve clicked on. As you build up your search history, your personalized search results will continue to improve over time. [Google]

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Personalized search can be turned on or off. I personally choose not to turn it on and to have my search history collected on Google’s servers, which I’m assuming are privy to government inspection, as is required in the US. Although I think the concept is a valid one, using past clicks and history information to deliver you targeted results (organic and paid), I think I’ll remain opt-out on this issue.

From John Battelle, SEW

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Podcast gear

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So, Ianiv & I are going to take up podcasting on a higher level. I’ve been doing some podcasts with Tris (recorded a new episode last night), but want to do more. And of more variety.

So, we’d love your in put on what to get. We’re ok mixing wise. Garageband or whatnot.

But we need gear. Good but inexpensive gear.

We’ll start out with whatever we can use between us two inside. Next, I’d like to be able to do outdoor walkabouts. Both by myself and with Ianiv.

Any advice?

MIT Survey

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MIT is doing a blog survey. Go take it. Click on the image below.

Take the MIT Weblog Survey


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Jason Calacanis wrote a great piece on FeedMesh during Gnomedex. The whole thing was in an after hours session that I didn’t attend, so I am rather ignorant on the whole situation. However, Jason points out a whole bunch of issues surrounding the proposal. Who will own the mesh? Whose data goes there? Should it be public, private, non-profit? What about spam?

So, looks like there is a lot to work out. Go read Jason’s article on it.

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