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A while back, as our podcast listeners will remember, we went out for dinner at a nice little French place called Cassis Bistro. I promptly forgot to write about it. But here I am now.

I was very pleased with the food and the atmosphere at Cassis. Not large portions, but then again I wasn’t expecting anything of the sort. I am quite used to the small but amazing portions I’ve come to associate with some of my best food experiences.

Anyway, my dinner was a funny one. I knew going there I would have the Bouillabaisse – I love it but it’s hard to find here in Vancouver. The only other place I’ve had it was at Chambar. Anyway, after much deliberation, I decided to start with french onion soup. Yes – 2 soups for dinner. I know. But, you gotta go with your cravings. Amazing. Really tasty. The french onion soup was not heavy, as some can be.

Our friends all ordered different things and we all left happy. I think next time I go I will try the Daube de Boeuf.

I’d rate Cassis as 3.5 stars, only low because their bar was out of some items, which made choosing more difficult.

One Response to “Cassis Bistro”

  1. I totally agree, though I’m not partial to double-souping it. It’s a great little find. Try the Choucroute (if you like pork). Reminds me of Alsace. the Coq Au Vin is also fantastic and if you’ve ever made it yourself, you’ll aprreciate the flavour without the labour. By the way, this is the original location for Sugar & Sugar Lounge. Spent many a late night there in the past.

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