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People are crazy. Someone out there decided to make a McMuffin Egg & Muffin toaster. Part of me is impressed, but the more logical me is going “ew” and “why?”

I have to admit that when I worked at McDonald’s back in highschool, I loved working breakfasts. People were way more fun in the morning and the food smelled a heck of a lot better. I loved when the manager would ‘accidently’ break a muffin for us all to munch on. But, every morning I would arrive at 5am and say “I’llBlog Ads by Chitika have a muffin for breakfast” and instead would break down for the sausage & egg McMuffin. Smothered with ketchup. Every time. But I have, to my credit, not had one in years.

So, back to the post at hand. Back to Basic has made a toaster that also poaches your eggs and heats your precooked sausage or bacon or whatnot.


It’s a pretty machine and is actually well thought out. The eggs are steamed, so it makes a very nice, consistent poached egg. All will finish at the same time, so it’s all nice and warm. Perfect for the McMuffin. The price tag is not bad – $49.99

You can read more from their promo site and the Press Release; here is an excerpt:

Modern American mornings can now start with the ease and convenience of the popular egg and muffin sandwich at home and at a fraction of the cost charged by drive-thru establishments…

The Egg & Muffin Toaster delivers in about four minutes a convenient and tasty morning meal that’s both familiar and well liked. In addition to being a full-functioning toaster, the Egg & Muffin Toaster can simultaneously: 1) toast the bread, 2) cook an egg (poached or steam-scrambled), and 3) warm a pre-cooked slice of ham or sausage…or any combination of these three functions, in addition to boiling up to four eggs.

Via Popgadget

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One Response to “Egg McMuffin machine”

  1. Oh my goodness! Never seen anything like this before! Im very suprised that anyone could make a machine like this. Thanks for making this machine for us and everyone to use to make a egg mcmuffin.

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