kitty litter cake. mmm.

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ian’s recipe log has this great interesting cake idea: kitty litter cake. Yep.

Well, it’s not as bad as it sounds. You don’t actually eat kitty litter or anything. You just make a cake, of sorts, that resembles kitty litter. And not empty kitty litter, at that. Maybe it should be a hallowe’en recipe, but it’s definitely a great gag cake.

Oh, and no gag kitty litter cakes allowed for our wedding. April fools day or not. :)

Recipe here

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From what it seems, there are various cakes in there all mashed together with crunched up cookies, some green pudding, and some warmed up expanded tootsie rolls (need I explain why?). Serve it in a NEW cat litter box with pooper scooper, and the effect comes off nicely.

Best quote:

Bury the rolls decoratively in the cake mixture.


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2 Responses to “kitty litter cake. mmm.”

  1. carla says:

    Wow, sometimes I wonder how people think up these things!

  2. Ian McKenzie says:

    The location of this recipe has moved. The new address is

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