Having a good time

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I had an amazing day today. My mom and I walked all through Old Montreal and on St. Catherine’s for I don’t know how many blocks. Like 7 hours of walking! I am really enjoying the city and people have been so friendly.

Right now we’re on our way for dinner to a little noodle place and off to one of the first breweries, I believe, in Montreal. Fairly close cause we are tired. Le Cheval Blanc. We’ll start there because I have a major craving for a Stout or a Porter and then we’ll head off to another pub or something. Play it by ear. Good vacation!


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Made it to Montreal. Google directions sucked, we got lost. Twice. Made it. Hotel is great. Have no idea where we are going for dinner but there is a great micro brew down the street.

For those of my readers in Montreal, ping me and tell me where to go or to meet for coffee.


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Made it to Toronto

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… need a nap. Didn’t sleep at all last night.

BlogDay on its way

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BlogDay is coming up on August 31. It’s a day when we’re all supposed to ‘recommend’ 5 blogs. Reminds me of the Top10 meme. It’s basically a way to bridge outside of these closed networks.

The premise is that we all have blogs we enjoy reading that perhaps others don’t know about – this is simply a way to expand that network. Even just a bit. If I remember, I’ll be posting.

Unlike the Top10, where I talked about those blogs I really enjoy, I’ll have the challenge to look into my subscriptions to see what I can share that can add value to the blogosphere. Who have I come across and enjoy that maybe others are unaware of. I’m sure of many – I don’t see references to all the blogs I read in other people’s blogs. I also can see how many Bloglines subscribers there are.

Reading a well-written blog with few subscribers is, to me, like getting the “scoop” so to speak. I am getting to know the blogger early on, and that’s cool.

So, have fun with it. Take part if you want. Skip around the web at minimum.

The day was created by Nir Ofir – someone who sat back and said ‘hey, I can’t handle the blogs I currently read, and I feel like I’m missing something. What can I do to find new, cool blogs?’ Visit Nir’s Blog


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Seattle again

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So, I’ve made it to Seattle. Only 5 hours on the bus. It was a slow one since the bathroom was broken and the driver had to keep stopping to let us… well, you know.

Sitting in my favourite free wireless point in the airport. My flight does not leave for 3 hours (arg) so I have some time on my hands. This is really seriously not the best place to sit for protacted periods of time (lots of buzzing from machines and screaming kids) so it looks like I’ll need to roam and see if any other free wireless points are around.

Tonight I take my flight out to Chicago then a short zip over to Buffalo. Long day, but it’s been good.

I almost left Vancouver without a few important items. Well, important to me anyway. I was pre-paranoid about the whole passport thing so that was taken care of. Anyway, I first forgot my jacket. Remembered just when getting into the car. Then I forgot something for the wedding – but I was already at the bus. Luckily, my paranoia had us there early. So, Ianiv rushed home with the knowledge that if he didn’t make it back, it wasn’t a big deal. Then I realized I’d forgotten all my food and water in the car. So, he had to make it back. Luckily, he did. I had enough munchies to substantiate a dinner on the road.

So, here I am. And now I am going to get coffee. Wonder if there is anything Other than Starbucks here?

Experience Music Project

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When we were in Seattle last weekend we spent about 3 hours or so at the Experience Music Project. It’s like a museum for music and how it revolved around Seattle. It really did a great job in showing the progression of music and various movements behind musical evolution.

What I also found interesting was how various musical accomplishments, musicians and movements were associated with Seattle. I’ve rarely seen a museum of this magnitude go so far into a topic but so subtly relate it back to a region. It was really well done. Not overdone – no big Seattle love story.

Aside from learning all about musical history, right up until present date I might add (American Idol indeed!), there were also various other exhibits there. Some great artistic pieces made of instruments, a whole interactive section where you can learn guitar, drums or even record your singing.

So, if you are in Seattle or plan on going, it’s worth it to go to the Experience Music Project.

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Wedding registries in Vancouver

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So, here is my initial impression of various wedding registries in Vancouver.


Pro – Great little scanners. Fast signup. Online updating (adding & deleting). Free gift wrapping.

Con – Not all items scan well. No images presented online. No status of products no longer in stock.

The Bay

Pro – Scanners work well. Free coupons.

Con – no website with products. No online deletion of items. Very time consuming signup. No free gift wrapping.

Pottery Barn

Pro – amazing service. got a congratulations card in the mail. great welcome package. free gift wrapping. great scanner. 10% for 1 year for all items purchased that were not given to you.

Con – no online registry viewing/editing. No Canadian catalogue.


Pro – good service.

Con – no scanners. no online viewing. no product information online.

Canadian Tire

Pro – online registration. Good online catalogue.

Con – unknown yet (just started using)

Other stores I have been to:

Country Furniture


Restoration Hardware



Inspiration Furniture

Stores I plan on going to/visiting websites:


Home Outfitters


Future Shop



De Haan

Phew! Lots, hey? Well, that’s why we’re making a central repository for it all. Compare prices and whatnot. Good idea, hey?

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