Shifting around

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After staying with my mom in Toronto for a few days, I’m now shifting all over the place visiting relatives. Last night and today I spent with a cousin, but was not able to get my computer to work with their Internet. Frustrating. I’m quickly checking up on some email and whatnot now before I move off to an Uncle’s house. Hopefully I’ll be online there. I feel so lost without it!

Other than Internet issues, the rest is great. Oma’s birthday was fun, but far too quick. I won’t see some relatives again before I leave, but I think I’ll see others on the weekend. I start my trip home on Sunday, but it will take me quite a long time. So, I should be set to get back to a more normal routine on Monday or Tuesday. Friday is mostly a write off because of our engagement party. But I’m really looking forward to that. :)

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