ArtistServer needs your help

Posted in Music is a really cool website for independent music artists and their fans. Artists get a place to showcase their music, share their thoughts and join a network of independent musicians. Music fans can download music, create playlists and explore the site to find new music (and keep up to date with tons of available RSS feeds).

The person behind all this is Gideon Marken, an entrepeneur and artist from San Diego. He has been involved in this since 2000 when he got fed up with and started which then evolved into an all genre site taking the ArtistServer name.

But now the service has come to a point where it needs some help to continue growing. ArtistServer needs new hardware and software to support their growth now and in the future. You can read the full details on the donation page.

If you like music or you are a musician (which means you probably like music) I recommend you go check ArtistServer out. And if you find that this is a site you would like to see more of in the future, help them out with a donation if you can.

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