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So, as you may have taken a wander over to b5 already, it won’t come as as surprise that I announce my two new b5-based blogs:

Cooking Gadgets – this one came out of a pattern I was noticing on Blogaholics. Looking through my archives, I found that the gadgets I was blogging every here and there were almost always cooking-related. So, it was a natural evolution of something I’m already interested it. It could be a dangerous blog for me, since I really do love lots of kitchen goodies. And I really wish I’d caught onto this blog earlier! Such a good topic!

She Knows Best – we can thank Jeremy for this one. We were brainstorming and he had this idea of a fashion/lifestyle-for-guys blog, and She Knows Best was born. It’s actually been a blast writing for. The comments – oh my! It’s obviously a blog that was needed! It’s so much fun to have that interaction, though. So far, I’ve been really surprised how much I can write about socks – and that guys appreciate the info! I have a few requests for haircut info, so I’ll be digging around for that soon. BTW – I have experience in high end menswear, so this one isn’t totally outside my realm of expertise.

So, why am I involved in b5?

Well, it’s a good question. I am not really a join-the-network kind of girl. After all, I have my own little projects and slowly growing list of blogs. I could have just started up these blogs on my own, right? Well, yes. Easily. However, working as a part of b5 has its merits. First, I love working with all three of these guys – Duncan, Jeremy, and Darren. Lots of fun. Granted, I would have loved to be invited in as more than just a blogger, but this is a good start!

Networks, in general, have many blogger benefits. First, they get a lot more attention collectively than a single blog does on its own. Plus, they have ongoing benefits of increased ranking from the interlinking. So, overall, they will make more money. Therefore, the fact that I’m not getting 100% of the revenue is less of a cut. Perhaps I’ll change my mind on this in a year or so when the blogs take off, but for now I’ll stick to that. Another network plus is not having to set up the blog, design it, or really manage all the tedious parts of it. I just get to do the writing, which is where I have no problem (if that wasn’t obvious already!)

I think, of any network to join, this is the one for me. The guys did a great job at launch time, and the attention has been great. It was fun for me to get back out there and have some visibility for doing something as well.

So, hope you go over and take a peek at the new blogs. And keep an eye on b5 – they have big plans!

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