Here’s a hint – b5 media

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logoSee if you can catch my name in here. It’ll give you 2 blogs to add to that list of my 16 blogs.

BTW – big news. It’s called b5. Check it out. I’ll give you an “insider” view tomorrow.

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How many blogs do you think I write on?

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Well, the exact figure is 16 (17 soon). Can you guess the whole list?

You’re sure to find them one way or another, but I bet you never thought it was so many! I am a Blogaholic, after all. Do I want to write on more? You betcha!

Give it a shot. Find them all. I dare ya!

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Post-it Mosaic of Elvis

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Make yourself a Postit Mosaic – or, at least, admire one.


Capstrat creative director Todd Coats got bored one day and decided to jazz up a conference room. They came up with the idea of using Post-it notes, and together put up this mosaic of Elvis. Using 10 different colours, they were able to come up with this mosaic. Plus, they’ve posted up instructions on how to replicate a mosaic via Post-Its.

There are 34 colours to choose from. Have fun!

Via Lifehacker

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Skype Call Forwading

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Skype now has call forwarding.

With Call Forwarding, you can redirect incoming Skype calls to another Skype Name, mobile or landline number.

Perhaps you’re popping out for some milk or maybe you’re on the other side of the world with no Internet access. Call Forwarding means you can answer Skype Calls when you’re not on Skype. And if you’re expecting an important call, you can choose to forward the call to up to 3 different numbers at the same time.

Looks like it uses your credits just as if it were making any ordinary call, so that seems reasonable.

Two obstacles so far:

1. the person calling you needs to be on Skype 1.3 for Windows or higher

2. you need to be on Windows Skype 1.4 or higher

If you are a mac user but have access to a PC, you could perhaps set it up on your account there. It just might work. I might give it a shot using Ianiv’s computer to change my account around a bit.

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Stargate SG-1 DVDs

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Recently Arieanna and I started watching old episodes of Stargate SG-1 on TV, and we are liking them. The problem is that we never watched the show before and they are now on their 9th season, and we would like to start from the begining.

We don’t really want to pay $40 per season DVD set when we are probably going to watch them only once. But I looked in the Rogers, Blockbuster and Videomatica websites but they don’t seem to carry them.

Does anyone out there have them and is willing to let us borrow them for a few days?

Katrina Benefit Concert

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There is to be a Katrina Benefit Concert in NYC on Tuesday.

Lineup includes Diana Krall, Elton John & more. Go if you can. Watch on Pay Per View if you get it. Good cause.

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Apple vases

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I didn’t get a clear shot of it since the night went so fast, but if you look to the right of the picture you’ll see a green apple being used as a flower vase. I did lots of these for the engagement party and they were a real hit.


How to make an Apple Vase:

Green apples are recommended. The brighter the better.

Core out the centre of the apple as deep as you can go with a knife or a screwdriver. If you are using only one flower, the screwdriver will help to keep it in nice and tight.

I recommend using a large flower such as this dahlia. I tried smaller flower versions in bunches but this really had the biggest impact.

Water is optional, but may stop your flowers from fading. You’ll need a bigger hole to hold water if you go this method.

Simple. Inexpensive. Big impact.

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