Pizza Laptop Box

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Worried about someone stealing your laptop? After all, it’s not something you can just stash anywhere. You’ve gotta get a recognizable bag that just screams “I’ve got a laptop in here” and, depending on the bag, you might also be sending out the “expensive laptop” vibe.

Well, in that case, try the pizza box. Not so stylish, but it keeps your laptop safe from thieves. That is, unless they just really want to steal your pizza.

Pizza 01

Via Oh Gizmo

The PawPlunger

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I know my mom is just going to flip for this one. The PawPlunger.

Simply place paw inside the plunger (why it’s a mug, I don’t know, but don’t mistake it for your coffee mug!). The bristles and water will clean everything right up.


This person obviously has experience with large dogs. Those paws are nasty to clean.

Via Strange New Products

Bill C-60 is dead

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A while ago I mentioned Bill C-60, the copyright reform bill introduced by the federal government. Today Rob lets us know that with the end of the current Parliament the bill is gone.

This is a good thing, the bill would have taken away some of the rights of Canadians to access and use copyright material.The next government will likely introduce a similar bill, but at least we’ll have another chance to make sure that it addresses the concerns of Canadians and not just the interest of the media monopolies.

It’s snowing…

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64358127 19D9E8236F

photo from aricee

Engagement Photography

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Before we went off to Disneyland, we had our engagement photography done. Our wedding photographer was great. Really comfortable and easy to get along with, and really great at suggesting what you should do. It never felt forced, which was great. In the end we came out with a lot of great shots.

We’ve just uploaded them all to this Flickr Set. I first made a DVD and sent it to my mom as a surprise, but now they’re all up and we can show everyone else :)

Of course, it took me forever to figure out what to wear, but looking at the shots it was clear that the color was the right choice. It went so well with the fall colors in some of the shots. We haven’t had any retouching yet, but the hardest choice is going to be what to print for the wedding reception!



Santa ads are hot

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Well, you write just a little about Santa, and your blog turns into a Santa-ized ad zone. Seriously. Tons of Santa ads. I had no idea!

Here’s my top corner:

Picture 1-6

It doesn’t end there, they are down the sidebar too. Never knew it was so lucrative! It happens to look hilarious, however, up at the top right next to “blogging software”. Interesting mix of categories!

Meta fish

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Why is it that whenever I see the word “meta” now I think of blogging? Arg.

Think of this as a meta fishbowl – the nemo fishbowl.

Nemo Fishbowl

Via productdose

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