Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

We’re throwin’ a bash tonight for New Year’s. I’m still mid-getting ready. We get New Year’s last here in Vancouver, and we know how to party it up. Hope everyone is doing the same tonight!

Cheers for 2006!

New RSS icon

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So, I decided to sort of conform to the new RSS button – the new "icon standard" for representing RSS.

I actually really agree with the shape and use of the icon. I think visually it captures far more than text and its size is far more appropriate. I was never a big fan of buttons that said "RSS" since it is a passing term and visually not so attractive or easy to use.

Well, like I said, I only sort of conform to the standard now. I have the button on Blogaholics, but I’m not so fond of the Orange on my particular design. I prefer blue, so blue it is.

What do you think?

I’ll be glad for the day when we can drop all the other RSS buttons we use, the ones that are specific per reader, but until then I’ll need to be content with my large column of buttons.

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Cats don’t actually want to be dogs, but…

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Since when has Eukanuba rocked? Ad wise, I mean. We feed Guinness on this, Nala on MediCal. Eukanuba we thought was good since a "meal" product was not the first ingredient ;)

Anyway, these cats totally rock. OMG so funny.

I don’t really think cat’s want to be dogs, btw. They have it good as cats, and they know it.

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What if animals were obese?

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Would they look like this? Maybe if they went on the McDiet.

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Driftwood Art

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Really, some things impress me beyond reason. This is driftwood. And it’s the most beautiful use of it I’ve ever seen. Check out more here.

Via J Walk

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Monopoly Card Game

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Something cool I came across when shopping for Ianiv for Christmas. Monopoly: The Card Game


Eager for a game of Monopoly, but don’t have a few hours handy? Pick up the Monopoly Card Game and get your land-baron fix in under an hour. Game play is fast and fun. Try to build up a color set of properties and lay down your hand first with as many houses, hotels, and other beneficial cards as possible. You’ll need to exchange cards with other players to win, which adds new levels of strategy and recalls the wheeling and dealing of the board game. Keep score after each hand with Monopoly money; make it to $10,000, and you’re the big winner!

We haven’t tried it yet, but will soon.

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2006 Resolutions

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I’m not a big resolution person, but what the heck. Here are my "resolutions" for 2006:

  1. Sleep more
  2. Enjoy the wedding, don’t stress it
  3. Work out more – get on proper fitness plan
  4. Go to the spa more
  5. Work away from home more
  6. Go to more conferences
  7. Take a really long honeymoon
  8. Write more authority pieces
  9. Purge RSS reader once per month
  10. Send at least one good tip to b5 Entertainment Channel per week
  11. Double b5 Channel by end of year
  12. Write more on my personal blogs
  13. Get more direct blog sponsors
  14. Spend more time hiking with Ianiv
  15. Go skiing more than 3 times this winter
  16. Get a better tan in the summer


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