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Another great restaurant review from my friend Eugene. This time it’s of Sandbar. On of my favourite restaurants here in Vancouver. I absolutely love the atmosphere, the service is amazing, and the food always fresh and full of flavour. And, in agreement with Eug, my fave thing there is the Wok Squid – huge juicy squid pieces covered in a crunchy spicy topping.

We went there for my birthday party last week :)

Sandbar Review:

You like fish? You’ll love the Sandbar. It’s a big raucous fun place to visit. Our birthday party lucked out and got the table facing the night city lights. Too bad I was too drunk not appreciate the view. Our server was excellent. Free bread + butter appeared out of no where. Water glasses were refilled without asking.

Their martini list was succinct and excellent, with quality ingredients. The wine list could use a little work, only because there were few BC wines, and a small by-the-glass selection.

The food was above par. I had the wok squid, which you GOTTA have. Tender meat, in a light batter, with a spicy garlic and chillis vinaigrette on top. Really good quality, and by far the best I’ve ever had; way better than any Greek place, a bargain at $8.

Even though they have a daily feature sheet with “catch of the day” ($18-$23) with snapper, monkfish, trout, and others, I wasn’t that hungry, so I ordered the warm beet salad with a champagne vinaigrette with blue cheese and walnuts, plus rare seared tuna on the side. Both were excellent.

My bill included 3 drinks and 2 food items and came to just above $50 (plus $10 tip since the service was excellent). Couple of my friends had the salmon burger, which was very good and juicy. One ordered half of roasted chicken, was moist and flavorful. Also seen on the table were a really good fisherman’s stew and a salmon dish.

If you want great seafood at a bs-free place, this would be the one. While this is not the cheapest of places, the quality, the view, and the service make up for the cost. The only time I would not come here would be for a date, as it is a big and open room that is often loud with no table to have an intimate conversation with your partner.

One Response to “Sandbar Review”

  1. eugene says:

    just a friend? not a GOOD friend? i am both shocked and appalled!

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