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Saturday night I went out to get some tapas with Ianiv and a good friend, Eugene. We decided on the Urban Well, mostly since it was close and had good martinis (or so we’d heard).

Anyway, Eugene did up an awesome review and I wanted to share it:

Almost Craptacular!

Went on Sat to the Urban Well in Kits. I was surprised to see that the place was not packed. Maybe it was the cold weather outside, or maybe it’s that the Urban Well has gone down hill.

The service was poor. I don’t usually bitch about the service because I know what it’s like to serve wild animals, excuse me, people. But getting milk and sugar for my friend’s tea should not take 30 minutes. In the waitress’s defense, I told her she was good looking, so maybe that slowed her down.

The food was good for a lounge, although I would not go there for a regular dinner. I had duck confit spring rolls, which were good, even though the plum sauce came out of a can. If making a plum sauce from scratch is too hard for you guys, then open a cooking book and create a different sauce, but the only condiment that should be allowed to be ready-made is ketchup.

Speaking of which, I had the steak sandwich for main. The steak was good, cooked perfectly medium rare, but the fries were OLD and FRIED until there was nothing inside the fry, just the crunchy outer layer. My friends had a shrimp thingy which was ok and chicken satay which looked like it was boiled and accidentally fell on the grill to get the obligatory charcoal marks.

All and all, an alright place to hang out when you’re drunk, but since they are pretending they are in Yaletown maybe they should hire some more servers and look at their menu again, because quantity is rarely better than quality.

2 Responses to “Urban Well Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    What about the matinis? good?

    For excellent martinis you should go to Jupiter on Davie St.

  2. Anonymous says:

    its true its a bit of a shit hole

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