What if animals were obese?

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Would they look like this? Maybe if they went on the McDiet.

Via advertising/design goodness

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103 Responses to “What if animals were obese?”

  1. kay kay l says:

    Hey chick who thinks this is wrong .. i love animals to death but you are stupidly obsest with this you cant freakin tell me you think this is wrong you obeasly care more about animals then HUMANs i mean why havent you looked up any thing about what they say about people who are obese.. no i didnt think so people like you tick me off .. YOU ARE AN IDIOT ms.(p3tS rUl3) SCREW YOU

  2. danyale says:

    They look so fake

  3. cassie says:

    omg that is soo mean i agree with kaykay

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