Blogaholics has been infected

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…and your blog can be too.


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Duncan’s Secret

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Jeremy just announced Duncan’s Dirty Little Secret: he’s a celebrity blogger too. Britney Spears.

See, I’m not the only one who has gone a little crazy. ;)

OSCMS Summit

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I really should have mentioned this a while ago. I’ve been helping a bit with the organization of the Open Source CMS Summit that is happening in Vancouver on February 7-9.

OSCMS is a free conference open to anyone who is interested in open source tools used to create and manage content on the web. The idea is to bring interested developers together to present and talk about their projects or technologies they are interested in.

I will be hosting a discussion on the APIs used by the blogging platforms to create content remotely and the challenges one may face when trying to use these APIs with all the different systems that implement them; I’ve had some first-hand experience with this as I develop the new version of Qumana.

It’s crazy that Boris just had the idea for this event in November and all the pieces fell together so quickly. There are already 184 people registered on the conference website and while we don’t really know exactly how many people are coming that number should give us some indication.

And right after OSCMS we have Northen Voice and Moosecamp. It’s going to be a very busy, but fun, week.

Or… not

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Our florist has cancelled due to family emergency. Ok, panic mode. Fun stuff.

Anyone know a good florist? Who is cheap? Ours was giving us wholesale prices, so I really don’t want to even think what our arrangements cost elsewhere. Arg.

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Wedding progress

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Two months to go, and we’re finally making progress in the ‘big’ areas. We have all our vendors selected and are down to the final decisions. My timeline, and yes I’m way too organized, has all decisions final by the end of February. That way March we only need to ‘do’ stuff but not worry about what needs to happen.

This past week was a good one. We met with our florist and took my overly vague ideas and put them down on paper. Not an easy task! Many of the flowers I love most are not in season in April, so we had to be creative. Still not completely final; some demo pieces will be done this week.

This week we also met with our reception facility to knock out the final menu and start the flow sequence. Huge relief for me because now I can begin working things out with the MC. Our ceremony is still in early draft – we’re writing it ourselves – but it’s taking shape too.

Most of the major things are taken care of. Smaller details are lining up. I’m still quite stressed about some things – like Ianiv’s vest and my veil – which are proving hard to find. That said, all will eventually fall into place.

I’m excited that things are moving. That soon I’ll have my bridal shower – the bachelorette – then the wedding. :)


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The prejudice map

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The prejudices/stereotypes we carry for places around the world.

prejudice map

For Canada: cultural diversity, humility and kindness, liking their beer, being tolerant.

Larger version here.

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Which happy bunny are you?

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Brain break:

Which happy bunny are you?

you smell like butt
congratulations. you are the "you smell like
butt" bunny. your brutally honest and
always say what’s on your mind.

which happy bunny are you?
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All that based on a whole 4 questions. Yes, 4 questions. Oh well, it’s cute.

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