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I really should have mentioned this a while ago. I’ve been helping a bit with the organization of the Open Source CMS Summit that is happening in Vancouver on February 7-9.

OSCMS is a free conference open to anyone who is interested in open source tools used to create and manage content on the web. The idea is to bring interested developers together to present and talk about their projects or technologies they are interested in.

I will be hosting a discussion on the APIs used by the blogging platforms to create content remotely and the challenges one may face when trying to use these APIs with all the different systems that implement them; I’ve had some first-hand experience with this as I develop the new version of Qumana.

It’s crazy that Boris just had the idea for this event in November and all the pieces fell together so quickly. There are already 184 people registered on the conference website and while we don’t really know exactly how many people are coming that number should give us some indication.

And right after OSCMS we have Northen Voice and Moosecamp. It’s going to be a very busy, but fun, week.

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