Celebrating the vote

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Today we voted. Then we celebrated voting. I don’t know so much if we celebrated the result of the vote, but today Canada voted in a new government. Twenty or thirty people showed up to watch the poll results downtown. Good times.

Above are shots of us taken by Roland. Thanks for tagging them!

Check out the second picture and see what funny note Ianiv left on his own head.

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Geek’d Cat

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A mac loving cat. Ours are not quite this geeky.

Kittyapple Thumb

Via Red Ferret

My Fitness Plan

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We’re about 2 months away from our wedding now, and I have ramped up my fitness training with the help of a great friend.

For the past few months I’ve been cutting out most carbs and became more stringent on my already strict low fat intake. Also made sure to go outside and walk a ton. Worked – dropped 2 sizes.

Now I want to tone up and maybe lose another size before the wedding. My most important thing, though, is feeling good on the wedding day, and with my arm issue, it’s not an easy thing. I am hoping the work I do now will help.

This is the end of my week one training, and I’ll modify the plan each week to meet my goals.

Watch my plan progress here.

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Vancouver welcomes Spring… er, in January

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Spring has arrived in Vancouver. I’m going to state that as an official fact. We never really had winter, so to speak. Just skipped from Fall to Spring. With maybe one or two weeks of actual ‘cold’ (you know, at about zero).

Today the sun is shining, temperatures are near ten degrees and the tulips are a couple inches out of the ground. Why not, we never get frost anymore.

What happened to Winter? My goal to go skiing kinda got thrown out of the window, unless I want to hit Whistler for a weekend (which I might).

At this rate it will be Summer by the time our wedding rolls around April 1st. Hey, I’m not complaining ;)

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New Horizons is headed for Pluto

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I tried to watch the launch of New Horizons earlier in the week but the launch was scrubbed due to high winds. But today at 2pm EST an Atlas V rocket carried it to space. The spacecraft is the fastest ever launched, moving away from Earth at about 58,000 km/h.

Unfortunately I had some meetings today so I missed the launch. But this picture of the rocket as it is taking off is enough to make me happy.

New Horizons Launch

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Helping keep the neighbourhood beautiful

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Arieanna and I live in Kitsilano, a very nice and trendy Vancouver neighborhood. You can go for a walk and find really nice houses, some which are quite old and have desingated as heritage buildings. To help keep these houses looking beautiful the Vancouver Heritage Foundation has a True Colours program that assists the owners of these buildings to paint them in authentic and original heritage colours.

"TRUE COLOURS is an exterior paint granting program of the Vancouver heritage Foundation in partnership with Benjamin Moore & Co. Ltd. for designated heritage buildings. The colour schemes are chosen through visual and historical analysis to match the home’s age and architectural style."

This is a great idea, and the program has been running for five years. I just wish that all the houses in the area where taken care of. Some of them look really bad and they could really use a new coat of paint.

Via Kitsilano.ca

Approaching Lost: my new favorite site

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Ianiv & I are LOST addicts. Well, so are his mom and sister. We wait anxiously for new episodes. The first season the show would end and we’d freak out yelling at the tv. Sad, I know.

Well, although some episodes didn’t quite rile us as much, we are back into the swing of things and I am so so sooo excited that b5 media has a Lost blog: Approaching Lost.

It’s a baby blog, just under a month old, but is almost the strongest in the channel now. People just like us are just obsessed with Lost, and Nikki Katz, writer of the blog, is doing a hands down amazing job.

If you’re a Lost fan, check it out :)

My hardest dilemma: watching the blog’s progress as Channel editor, but also really not wanting to read the spoilers. I love not knowing for this show.

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