CoComment: first impressions

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So, I finally received my password to get started with CoComment and have been using it since last Friday. Here are my first impressions:


  • Easy, clean interface
  • Clearly defined marketing message
  • Easily supplemented with a Greasemonkey script to eliminate the need to submit comments to CoComment
  • Can receive an RSS feed of conversations


  • Sign-up process had a few hiccups
  • Only tracks comments made by CoComment users after your own comment is left
  • Website homepage doesn’t scale properly on my screen
  • Cannot make your account private
  • Adds a visual pop-up when submitting comment (would prefer a seamless background action)
  • Inability to track pop-up comments (may work on CoComment w/o Greasemonkey, but does not work with the Greasemonkey script):

    • When you comment on blogs that have pop-up comment boxes (Blogger) you will get an error and your comment will not be submitted to the blog or CoComment. This is since, I believe, it makes the permalink unclear and thus the comment cannot be tracked – this requires you to disable the CoComment submission before commenting

Update: I don’t seem able to post a comment here on my own blog (MT based) without getting errors as well – which is almost enough to make me disable it on Greasemonkey because it seems to be incompatible with so many blog platforms.

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F*ing Towels

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Aaarg. Ok, going to vent here. I am so annoyed with wedding registries.

The two biggest retailers in Canada – Sears & The Bay – have well established wedding registries. That have not been upgraded since 1980.

You add something to your registry with the gun in the store. No way to add it online with HBC since they don’t have an online store. Sears does, but the registry system is not connected to it so you have to check for the item and manually add it using two different systems.

But that’s not the worst of it. These f*ing stores don’t tell you when an item goes out of stock. So you go along thinking you’re all set with your registries until a guest tells you that half your stuff is no longer available.

So, now I need to go back to both stores and re-choose items. In particular, towels. OMG, I absolutely hated choosing towels the first time around. They are far too expensive and finding a simple, high quality towel in the colours I wanted was more than annoying. Plus, we have our own registry system so people can see the same option in both stores – which means I need to enter 6 items (body/face/hand x 2 colours) x 2 stores back into our system.

Aaaah. Seriously, it is sooo easy to set up an automated system that just tells you when your item is out of stock you don’t need to rush 5 days before your bridal shower.

Ok. End rant.

Always look back

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Here is a good piece of advice from Lee and Sachi for those who are traveling: Before leaving a spot, always look back and make sure you didn’t leave anything behind.

Lee didn’t do this and left his Treo in Australia after boarding a plane Singapore :(

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The CBC will offer more podcasts

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Tod Maffin tells us that the CBC will be expanding their podcast offering in the near future. They’ve been running a pilot program with three podcasts for a while and I hope that they include some classical music programs.

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Pictures of The Tower of London from The System of The World

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I’m almost done reading The System of the World, the third book of Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle. An important part of the plot happens in and around the Tower of London and although there are plenty of descriptions, it is sometimes hard to picture exactly what is going on.

But now, thanks to Neil Hobbs we can get a better idea of where all the action was taking place. On a recent trip to London he went to the Tower and took some pictures of the places that the book talks about. He has put them all in a Flickr set, with notes and descriptions that really help you get a better idea of what was going on in the book.

Thanks Neil!

Convert tags to search your blog only

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Typically a tag will be inserted into your blog using a handy tool like Qumana in a standard format as follows:

<a href="[TAGNAME]" rel="tag">[TAGNAME]</a>

However, new Technorati guru Janice offers a great tip to convert that tag to a self-searching tag.

What does this do?

Well, instead of tagging your post with a link that will take your readers to Technorati to browse other like-tagged posts, your readers can search like-tagged posts from your archives. Neat, hey?

To convert your tag, simply convert this:


to this:


Your readers will still get pointed to Technorati, but it’s a neat extension.

Let’s try it!

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Ianiv & Arieanna Sims

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My gal pal Leora, and to-be bridesmaid, has created Sims of us that she plans to get married off as a fun little thing to celebrate our wedding.

Here is her start of Ianiv & Arieanna Sims, from our engagement photos as inspiration:

Not our best photo from the 300 engagement shots, however ;)

What do you think? Do we make good Sims?

If you like us, you can even download our Sim characters.

Thanks Leora!!

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