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Rant: Mr. and Mrs. Smith DVD

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Last night a few friends came over to watch a movie. After figuring out what everyone had or had not seen we decided to get Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Forget about how good or bad the movie is, what really pissed me off was being forced to see the previews for other really crappy movies before I could get to the movie menu and watch what I rented.

Normally, I put the DVD in and the copyright notice comes up, I press stop and then the menu button. This lets me skip directly to the menu and start the movie. But with this DVD first you get a copyright notice, then a short clip about how bad it is to download movies (stop saying copyright infringement = stealing!) and then 2 or three trailers for movies I’ve never heard about before. And you CANNOT STOP IT. If you press stop you get the nice "Operation not permitted" message. If I turn the player off and back on and then press menu I get the same crap. No way of skipping it.

They really went out of their way to make sure you watch those clips. Their message is "If you want to watch this movie then you are required to see this crap, if you disagree please turn your DVD player off now". Because if you want to skip that content you have to break the law (at least in the US).

If my friends weren’t over I would have taken the movie back, and I would have watched it a couple of hours later, without any stupid restrictions.

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Dunkin’ Donuts

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I was welcomed to the world of Dunkin’ Donuts, a major “thing” in Boston, like Starbucks here.

My coffee came with milk and sugar – they do so without asking. Just as good I like it that way.

And, of course, a Boston Creme.

Flower at Queen Elizabeth Park

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Flower at Queen Elizabeth Park

Cool video camera feature

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I was just playing with my new video camera (Canon Elura 100) and found a really cool feature: You can record movies from the DV tape directly to the SD card in the camera and then transfer it to the computer via USB. That means that I’ll be able to upload some movies to YouTube and post them on the blog while we are away.

Is this a common feature in other MiniDV cameras?


Backpacks for our Europe trip

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It’s only three days before we leave for our honeymoon and I thought I should show you the backpacks we got for the trip. I’ll start with the smallest one which we will use as a daypack, to carry our water, cameras, medication, etc. while the bigger packs stay in a safe place.

The daypack is a Ridgemont from Mountain Equipment Co-op. It is small and light-weight and can hold two water bottles on the sides. The chest strap is also a loud whistle.

The other packs we also bought at MEC, we spent about 1hr trying different ones to make sure we chose the most comfortable one for us. Very helpful and patient staff. My backpack is a 70 litre MEC Brio. It is a top-loading pack with a full length side zipper so you can access stuff at the bottom easily.
Ianiv's Backpack

Arieanna got a Gregory Reality. She had to find something that didn’t aggravate the pain in her arm. This pack was very comfortable for her.
Arieanna's Backpack


Ah, jet lag

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Don’t you just love flying red eye?

In an effort to get to and from Boston at very specific times, and to purchase our tickets less than a week in advance, Tris & I had a very creative trip schedule which involved red eye planes and long waits at the Seattle airport.

Since we booked the flights to/from Seattle and Seattle/Boston separately, it meant going in and out of security for each new check in. I was even frisked and my baggage searched for explosives or some such a couple of times.

Ah, good times.

I got back around 7am yesterday and proceeded towards two naps, interrupted only by hunger, and then a full night’s rest. So nice to be back in my own bed.

But not a lasting feeling. Monday we pack our bags for our honeymoon in Europe!

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