Backpacks for our Europe trip

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It’s only three days before we leave for our honeymoon and I thought I should show you the backpacks we got for the trip. I’ll start with the smallest one which we will use as a daypack, to carry our water, cameras, medication, etc. while the bigger packs stay in a safe place.

The daypack is a Ridgemont from Mountain Equipment Co-op. It is small and light-weight and can hold two water bottles on the sides. The chest strap is also a loud whistle.

The other packs we also bought at MEC, we spent about 1hr trying different ones to make sure we chose the most comfortable one for us. Very helpful and patient staff. My backpack is a 70 litre MEC Brio. It is a top-loading pack with a full length side zipper so you can access stuff at the bottom easily.
Ianiv's Backpack

Arieanna got a Gregory Reality. She had to find something that didn’t aggravate the pain in her arm. This pack was very comfortable for her.
Arieanna's Backpack


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