Mini-interview: On being an independent musician in Canada

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Last night after dinner my friend Josh and I started talking about independent music in Canada. Josh is part of The Kitchen, a Vancouver band that just recently released their first album. I figured it would be a great way to test my new Canon Elura 100, so I recorded part of his rant:

If you don’t know The Kitchen I recommend you go to one of their shows, the next one is on May 5th at Café Deux Soleil. And you can preview and buy their album here.

And about the video, I’m still figuring out what is the best way of processing it. For this one I used VirtualDub to de-interlace and resize it and to encode it using the Xvid codec. I’ll have lots of footage to play with when we come back from Europe :)

In Boston

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Tris & I arrived safely in Boston this morning, after a long night of travel. We’ll be in town for a few days for some Q business and Tris is already pointing out the sights, having grown up here.

The weather is horrible. The hotel so-so. But the trip will be productive and fun nonetheless.

Cute ass!

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And I can say that and get away with it ;)

Via genuine blog

45 posts later…

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The panicked blogging has officially begun. As part of my honeymoon preparations, I am organizing all my blogs for my absence. For the month, the following strategies will be played out on various blogs:

  • No posts – mostly my personal blogs
  • Posts from abroad – Blogaholics will have some travel diary features, when we have time
  • Guest bloggers – all 4 of my entertainment blogs will be taken over by a guest blogger since they require daily attention to the news
  • Pre-posting – I am preposting from today until June 1 for 3 blogs – those on which I have a considerable reputation I’d like to keep to myself, or for which I have a contract that should be continued

Today I started and finished preposting for my favorite blog, Cooking Gadgets. It’s a fairly easy blog to write, since I am passionate about gadgety goodness, but sourcing that many days’ worth of material did take time. That said, I actually posted 46 posts today on that single blog. Took about 5 hours.

Tomorrow, I move to start and finish She Knows Best - there will not be as many posts on that one, but they require considerably more time per post to research and write.

Are we on?

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If you are reading this, it means that the move from MovableType to WordPress went without a hitch!

Update: Looks like everything went well :)

Makin’ Turkey

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I’ve got a turkey in the oven. My first time making turkey!

I actually didn’t intend to make a turkey. Ianiv’s grandparents and mom & sister are coming for dinner and I was planning on making chicken. Well, Safeway was out of whole chicken and I was too lazy to go to another store, so I bought turkey.

Crazy to be too lazy to go to another store and yet look at the extra work!

Oh well. Cross your fingers it turns out!

Bloglines needs an “undo”

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Bloglines really needs an "undo" button for that "Mark All Read" button. Darnit.

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