Church in Arles

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We haven’t visited many churches yet, but this is one we enjoyed in Arles. It’s exterior is far less presuming, but it’s interior is still as grand and lovely with ornate decorations, old decaying paintings and even some human remains.

Roman Amphitheatre in Arles

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This is one of the world’s largest amphitheatres, and is still used today for events such as bull fights. Much of it has thus been restored, but the ruins themselves are intact and preserved. It’s a beautiful sight.


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It has been a while since we have had internet access. After Arles, which was glorious, we went to Marseilles, which was anything but. Covered in grime, dirt, garbage and crap. Ick. We saw the Chateau D’If, wandered then decided to leave early. Our next stop was Nice, which is like a resort city popular with cruises. It was cloudy during our stay, and cleared up when we left. Did get to do some shopping though.

Things looked up for a few days as we spent an absolutely glorious time at Cinque Terra, a sleepy collection of 5 coastal towns in Italy. We stayed in lovely apartments and spent our time eating amazing food, drinking local wine, hiking the coast, and yes, even spending a whole day doing nothing on the beach.

We are now in Florence and have started museum hopping. We will have more to write later, and more pictures to post, but tonight we have just spent a silly amount of time trying to figure out some of our next places to stay and sleep and the trains to get there. Now, to go drink more wine. :)

In Arles

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We’re now in Arles, a lovely old place in France down in the South. We spent a lovely 2 hours in Paris yesterday – long story for another post. Today has been incredible. Saw some very lovely old ruins in a town that just screams antiquity. It’s far more authentic than any other place we’ve seen yet, and for the most part the people have been really nice. For the most part. The ‘French are rude’ will be for another post.

Tomorrow we go to Marseilles then to Nice for two days. Ahh. Lovely.

We miss everyone!

Ianiv in Amsterdam

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Standing at the palace

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Brugge Administration Building

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How’s that for a government office?

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