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Well, now we have made our way into Venice. We spent two glorious days here. Our hotel, Villa Dora, is amazing. Not easy to find cheap places here, so we ended up in a nice hotel. However, that turned out well for us since we met two great people, Vince and Bridgette (sorry if I spelled that wrong), to spend our first day in Venice with. We wandered aimlessly and got lost – must do things in Venice. But it was a great day.

Today we went to two islands, Lido and Murano. Lido is a resort island, so we enjoyed the sun and the sand. When it grew cloudy we went to Murano to see the glass blowing and all the shops. Nice stuff, very talented artisans.

Tomorrow we are going to Verona and Milan – we were planning something else (a trip to Lake Como), but it didnt work out with the trains and hotels and whatnot, so we added a day here and a day to Switzerland and have this day to play with. Such is the case when backpacking, things you want to do sometimes do not work out, but on the plus side sometimes you stumble upon something really great.

After Milan we take a long train into Switzerland to make our way to Gimmewald. We spend a few nights there, a couple in Interlaken, then go back to Holland. Will be nice to have a change of fare, culture, and scenery.

Italy has been a thrilling ride, and we really have seen so much. Cinque Terra. Rome. Florence. Siena. Perugia. Lucca. Venice. Milan. Verona. A long list, indeed, and yet there is so much more to see. Already I want to come back to see the South of Italy and Greece, which we did not have time for. Lots of life left to explore.

Since I did not really update it, Florence was nice. It was not our favourite, as we did not have much interest in many of the places. We saw David, the Duomo, and went to the Uffizi and climbed a tower. The rest was just exploring and eating. Lots of gelato. We rode a bike around Lucca, this glorious little walled town with amazing buildings and such a character of people. We also saw Siena, which has beautiful buildings to challenge those in Florence, and a great plazza. Ate some really amazing panforte there too. OMG. After that we tried, I say tried, to get to Perugia. We lost two connections and a two hour train took us 7 hours. So horrible, but we were always left in the middle of nowhere with no choice but to wait to go where we intended, nowhere else. Fun stuff. So, we stayed in a hotel right near the train as we got there near midnight. But, we did see Perugia. Not my favorite town, but it was pretty of course. All of Europe has beauty to it.

We finished that quite fast then went to Rome. Our hostel there was fun and had a microwave, so we were able to make dinners that didnt involve sandwiches. Such a relief. We saw the Colloseum, Palestra, St. Peter’s Bascillica, Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, the Catacombs, and some other museum with statues. Very amazing city, one of my favorites just for the diversity and depth of each thing to see.

And now here we are. Time to go to the room, have something nice to drink, a hot shower to get off all the sand from the beach, and to relax and watch mixed English and Italian MTV, the only thing we get on the tv that we can partially understand.

We have taken more than 2000 photos, but putting them on Flickr will have to wait till we come back. Not easy without the upload function, to be sure.

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  1. shi says:

    Nice round up!

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