Fact of the day: what is cool?

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How many meanings are there for "cool", let us count the ways…

  1. An aesthetic with varied meanings in popular culture.
  2. A relatively low temperature
  3. COOL, short for Classroom Object-Oriented Language
  4. An alternative name for Cumhail, a figure in Irish mythology
  5. "Cool" (song), a song performed by Gwen Stefani
  6. Cool TV (Central Europe), a Hungarian television channel
  7. Cool TV, a Canadian cable television channel
  8. Bindaas, Hindi equivalent-Slang
  9. Jhakaas, mostly used in Maharashtra, India slang

- Wikipedia

Anything missing? Suggestions?


One Response to “Fact of the day: what is cool?”

  1. spacemonkey says:

    Cool, when spelled with a ‘K’ is often located with ‘the Gang’. Their music was popular in skating rinks during the mid to late 80′s.

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