Free Starbucks coffee

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Update: Starbucks has decided giving free coffee to everyone is a bad idea. The coupon will no longer be honored. The press release is here.

Greg emailed us to let us know about a Starbucks coupon you can print to get a free iced coffee every day until September 30. We were skeptical at first so I did some research and it turns out that this is actually real. Apparently this was supposed to be a regional offer but the coupons leaked so much that they will now honour them in all of North America. has more details.

So if you like Starbucks coffee just print this coupon and enjoy!

Sold the old car

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Thank you Craigslist. Sold the old car today. Two days under having to pay another month of car insurance.


Everyone loves the Blogaholics

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Cheer up!

Via JWalk

Amazing wind powered sculptures

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Thanks to Travis for pointing me to this video. These sculptures are amazing.

Little Miss Sunshine

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Went on the weekend for a date-night with Ianiv. First went to dinner at Bin 942 (very good) then went to see Little Miss Sunshine.

Such a good movie. Period. Have not laughed that much at a movie in a long time. Each character is funny without being overtly funny. And there are just some classic moments at the beauty pageant at the end. The whole theatre erupted with laughter.

The trailer does not really do it justice, but here you go:

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Canadian Tire Shopping Madness

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Ok, I guess we have ‘new car fever’ or something. We’re being fairly obsessive about the new car. Picking out every grain of dirt and organizing it ‘just so’. Anyone who saw how little we cared for our old car in terms of neatness would laugh at us right now.

Anyway, on Sunday we went on a shopping trip to Canadian Tire – the big one on Cambie. Got an arm basket and went directly to the car section. Quickly upgraded to a shopping cart. Yeah. Um. Oops.

So, our car is all decked out now. We have all its cleaning products: wash, wax, towels, lambskin washing glove, spot washer for any quick bird doodie removal, inside cleaning/polishing wipes and some organizing stuff like collapsable bins for shopping and some bungee cords. So, we came home and washed our car and then waxed it. Oh, and put in some new all season car mats in the front (we forgot the back).

So much fun :)

Barcamp Vancouver – Sutori Presentation

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