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After the whole YouTube fiasco we have now switched to for our own personal videos.

We’ve been using blip for our last couple of videos. I find the service fairly easy to use. In comparison, the files seem to load as fast as with YouTube and the quality seems a bit higher. However, the conversion into flash is slower and the ease of embedding is not as user friendly – I love that on YouTube the embed code is right there. With blip, you have to click a couple of times to get there.

As far as the embed video player is concerned, they seem equally good. The YouTube one "feels" more web 2.0 – it’s all curvy and whatnot. But the blip one is much more seamless and unobtrusive. Just a preference choice there.

I will continue to use YouTube from a consumer perspective – I search and embed them all the time. But from a copyright perspective, we are moving our own personal content to an area that allows us to assign the license per video. I am sure there will be many more video services to come, but I am pleased so far with blip.

What other video services have you used?

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