Sweet new mac app: todos

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Just downloaded a sweet new mac app called todos. It is a keystroke activated program (control-command-option-t) that launches a panel of your app icons – faster and slicker way to open up any app you want.

It’s a semi-transarent black background with all your icons. So much easier to see and click what you want.

So, what does your todos list look like?

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One Response to “Sweet new mac app: todos”

  1. JulesLt says:

    Forgive me for posting this in multiple places, but might be useful to some people.

    I wanted to have a way of triggering this via the mouse. Might be an easier way of doing it, but you can use the following Applescript. Don’t forget to save as an Application and turn off the Startup Screen. You can then link this to a button on the Mighty Mouse.

    tell application “System Events”
    key down option
    key down command
    key down control
    keystroke “t”
    key up option
    key up command
    key up control
    end tell

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