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Right now I’m taking a cooking class with my friend Eugene. We’re taking a basics Italian course from the local college night class system.

The course is 8 weeks long, every Wednesday night. We have had two classes so far. The first night we made a basic tomato pasta sauce (kinda blah) and the second, we made fresh pasta (fun), a basic sauce, and a tomato bread salad.

The class is very basic, so we just whip through the stuff. The instructor is a bit of a laugh. Not sure he could actually get a job as a real chef. Those who can’t do, teach? He seems really… cheap. I dunno. Like he’s proud of doing things with crappy knives and boring ingredients.

I understand that this is a basic class. To learn the basics. But there is learning the basics well, and what we have, which is a bit below that. The recipes are… too simple in a not good way. In a way that kind of defeats the purpose. The chef is a bit annoying. Keeps trying to step in and do things for you when you don’t ask for it.

And yet, it’s fun. I have learned a few things and it gets me out of the house and feeds me once a week. Plus, it’s fun to laugh at the whole thing.

After this class, we’re taking a 2 week Christmas Candy cooking course. Now that sounds yummy!

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2 Responses to “Cooking Class”

  1. lp says:

    where did you take this course? i’m having an incredibly difficult time finding a selection of night classes to take for basic cooking.


  2. Alan says:

    Can anyone suggest a 1 evening course for a private party of 8 people. Just a fun evening out, sort of thing. Thanks

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