How to carve a pumpkin that rocks

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I think even with a how-to tutorial as good as this one from Ray Villafane, my pumpkin would still look like a lump of orange that a chainsaw attacked.

Just as nice as last year’s Extreme Jack’s

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Sleeping pills

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I started taking sleeping pills this week. After consulting with my doctor on my last 3 visits, he decided it was a good call. Kind of a catch 22 situation. I can’t sleep because my neck hurts, but to make my neck recover, I need to sleep.

So, medicated sleep it is. Truly, a wonderful thing. It’s no fun tossing and turning in pain, waking up all the time, and making things worse.

The pills I’m on are called Gen-Zopiclone, which a hypnotic agent and addictive. I can only take these for a short time, but I hope during that time my neck will heal enough so that the pain won’t keep me from sleeping.

I started off on half doses, but was only making it to 5am. I progressed to a full dose, and that did the trick. Last night didn’t work, but that was my fault for working till 11:30pm then going straight to bed. Even pills can’t turn off the turning wheels.

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Sandwich Art

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Co ahead. Play with your food. I dare you to make something better than these:

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Olay in shower body lotion

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I was in need of new soap and tired of the brand I was buying. So when I was at London Drugs the other day, waiting to pay, I was influenced by a well-placed point-of-sale rack for Olay soap, complete with a free sample of the new Moisturinse in shower body lotion.

Well, I’m hooked. I have never ever loved lotion this much, ever.

It’s a lotion you use n the shower. You do all your soap and everything, then you just apply the lotion and wash it off. Conditioning your skin like you do your hair.

My skin is so much softer, so smooth. And because I wash it off, no oily feeling. And better yet, no oily hands.

I have never been good at using lotion. Just hate the way it feels putting it on and how slimy I am for a bit. But I love to shower, and any excuse to stay in water just a little bit longer is a good excuse for me.

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A cat’s revenge

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Finally cats can go pee in the plant without being yelled at:

Wouldn’t work for our cats. My dainty Nala likes to perch all 4 paws on the corner so she doesn’t get dirty ;)

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Arieanna’s Jugs

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GooTube or GoogTube

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Now, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a dissention among geeks about what to call a tech takeover meme. Usually it just kind of appears and takes over everywhere.

Not this time. We have a war between the GooTube’s and the GoogTube’s. 638 vs. 191 on Technorati. And yet, if you do a Google Fight, GooTube has only 51,500 results compared to GoogTube’s 255,000.

I am thinking GoogTube has been around longer, but I really want to put a stop to the fight for merged term and just ask this simple question:

Which one sounds better?

GoogTube is really not as nice sounding as GooTube, now is it?

Granted, one has more of the "goo" picture to it, which might be a bit negative, but the additional "g" next to the "t" just sounds silly.

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