Sleeping pills

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I started taking sleeping pills this week. After consulting with my doctor on my last 3 visits, he decided it was a good call. Kind of a catch 22 situation. I can’t sleep because my neck hurts, but to make my neck recover, I need to sleep.

So, medicated sleep it is. Truly, a wonderful thing. It’s no fun tossing and turning in pain, waking up all the time, and making things worse.

The pills I’m on are called Gen-Zopiclone, which a hypnotic agent and addictive. I can only take these for a short time, but I hope during that time my neck will heal enough so that the pain won’t keep me from sleeping.

I started off on half doses, but was only making it to 5am. I progressed to a full dose, and that did the trick. Last night didn’t work, but that was my fault for working till 11:30pm then going straight to bed. Even pills can’t turn off the turning wheels.

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