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Widgetbox has launched a new widget they are calling a blidget: blog + widget = blidget. Basically, take your blog and make it into a widget that others can grab and place onto their sites.

It’s a simple concept, not new to blogs. Lots of sites display the RSS feed’s of sites they enjoy or author, usually in a very similar format. However, the blidget ups it by making it not only possible for you to display the feed, but for others to easily grab and reuse it for themselves.

By creating a blidget and adding a Widgetbox "Get Widget" button on their blog, bloggers can more easily stimulate syndication to increase the exposure and distribution of their blog.

Blidgets combine the power of RSS syndicated content with the rich interactivity and easy page integration of widgets. The visitor to a blog will see the blogger’s blidget and an invitation to subscribe to the widget for use on their own web page, blog or profile. Blidgets can be installed on any web service allowing users to post them on their blogs as well as social networks and web pages. [Source]

I have created one blidget so far, for Blogaholics. It was a simple process: drop in RSS feed, choose a design, sign up and there you go. I honestly expected it to be more finicky. Here is the Blogaholics blidget, as well as a copy in the sidebar:

removed for now

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Are you a designer?

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We’re in need of a designer over here. Someone really good with graphics.

I often have these ideas in my head that my skills won’t let me articulate either on paper or in photoshop. Or I’ll want something different… but don’t know what to make it instead. Ianiv is an amazing coder, but he’s not a designer either. We could use some fresh ideas over here.

So, if you are a designer, we are looking to redo a whole bunch of sites, mostly blogs, and perhaps develop a relationship we can continue when we work with future clients. We would do all the coding, so we’re just looking for graphics skills.

We’re looking for someone who is very keen on innovative designs. Who has an understanding for community and for using the latest widgets and gadgets – or in envisioning ones not yet created. We don’t want someone just reuses elements of other sites, but can rather think outside the box.

If you have experience in web design, design or graphics, please drop me a line. We may not be able to start tomorrow, but we want to lay out the plans to start soon.


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You’re a douche

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Sometimes you can’t express just how strongly you feel about someone. Well, try a douche card for those extra special moments.

Only problem, I would probably not be able to walk away, I’d be laughing so hard…

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AmazonUnbox Video Downloads Affiliate Program

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I noticed a new Amazon affiliate notice in my account today for AmazonUnbox Video Downloads. Basically, it’s a service like iTunes for downloading videos for a fee. As an affiliate, you can earn a percentage rate on video downloads, as well as products now.

Amazon Unbox allows you and your site visitors to purchase or rent your favorite movies and TV shows to download and watch on your PC – all in DVD quality…

Associates are eligible to earn 10%, a full 1.5% above the highest earnings tier, on all Unbox referrals (up to $1.50 per item). There is no limit to the number of items on which referral fees are earned.

The Unbox page leverages the information held in Amazon – sales, clicks, etc – to configure popularity recommendations and increased downloads. I have not tried the video quality, nor will likely, but it could conceivably be an alternative for many to the iTunes distribution model.

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Eagle causes power outage

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This one is a little funny.

About 10,000 Juneau residents lost power Sunday after a bald eagle lugging a deer head crashed into an Alaska Electric Light & Power transmission system in Lemon Creek.


The eagle found the head in a landfill and it ended up being to heavy causing it to crash. The repair crew found the dead eagle and deer nearby.

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Hubble in Trouble: Little Hope for Failing Camera

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The Hubble Space Telescope’s main camera — the ACS (advanced camera for surveys) — has stopped working. It went into safe mode early Saturday morning, and engineers for the space telescope have little hope it can be fixed.


This camera was replaced recently, it is only 4 years old. And the next mission to the telescope will probably not have time to fix this issue, which is not an easy task.
The next Hubble mission is aimed at increasing the telescope’s capability and keep it running until the Webb telescope can be launched early next decade.

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Local storage and AJAX

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Niall has written a nice summary of the existing options that web applications have for storing data locally: Boost Ajax performance using local storage

Client-side storage addressable from any web page has the potential to change the way we build web pages and the division of labor between client and server. Just as CSS and JavaScript created new ways to style and interact with a page, the client-side storage capabilities of modern browsers will create a new concept of a web application runtime.

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