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In my quest to find a state of better health, I am now trying a new chiropractic option provided by a NUCCA practitioner.

NUCCA is the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association, and they specialize in treating the neck for optimal body balance and treat a lot of whiplash patients.

NUCCA is totally different from other chiropractic options. There is no popping of the bones. The adjustment of the bones is done via pressure. The focus is on the very top of the spine – this misalignment of this bone can throw out the entire body – the rest of the back, the hips, the legs and result in many problems, including pinched nerves. The adjustments are meant to restore the position of the neck and help the body realign and heal itself. 

I spent more than 2 hours getting a full work-up at the NUCCA office of Dr. Foran on Thursday. I had a full set of 3D x-rays on my neck – one set having to be done three times because apparently my neck is quite crooked – a check on the anatometer, a physical exam, and an sEMG test. The sEMG provides a computer printout schematic of the body (like this one) – it assesses the muscle activity and uses thermography to infer things about the spine. The NUCCA approach is more technical, rather than by feel. It approaches the treatment mathematically, and tests are repeated after each treatment to guage the changes and subsequent angles for readjustment.

My test results showed an extreme case of pain (indeed) with a reading of 168% at the top C2 level and 56% at the level where my bra is – both very severe subluxations. The axis of my neck is turned, so my head is not straight, and my neck is too straight (versus having a C-curve to it). As a result, my back is off in many places, muscle tension runs all to the left (my problem side), my hips are twisted by 5 degrees and my left leg is .75" shorter than my right. So… I am definitely a little wonky.

I plan to scan or somehow get my sEMG printouts online, and perhaps keep them updated as my treatment progresses. I am interested to see in how this new chiropractice treatment will go. I believe strongly that my neck is having major issues on my whole body and hope this new approach will have some results.

Now, although my NUCCA practitioner has asked for exclusivity in my treatment, I have done my research and know my body. I plan to continue my massage treatments once per week. From what I read, the release technique used by my massage therapist is effective at breaking up the scar tissue and improving the body’s ability to heal itself. Plus, it helps me manage my pain.

For those interested in muscular dysfunction, chiropractic and the use of sEMG’s, I found this article very interesting.

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11 Responses to “NUCCA Chiropractic and Health”

  1. healthybpm says:

    My mom has had whiplash-related problems for the last 15 years.She fought her pain with consistent exercise. But she still has migraines Your article will help people who think that they have to live with their problems and that there is no hope.

  2. Very well written article. I love to see stories from chiropractic patients on the net, because it is still relatively uncommon. If you want to read and comment on another new high tech form of chiropractic you may want to take a look at this

    Good luck with your care, and I also agree with the massage idea. My opinion is simply that muscles form adhesions between the different layers, and this prevents the muscles from moving properly. This improper motion of the muscles is what continues to pull bones into their end ranges and gets them stuck again.

    My views of what is happening in chiropractic do not agree with the mainstream chiropractic viewpoint, but they do agree with science, physics, basic biology, and common sense.

    Great article, if you like my link, feel free to link to my site.

    Dr. David Klein

  3. Good choice picking Dr. Foran! Great doctor, excellent technique and accountability with surface EMG. If only every patient would be so lucky!

  4. Tony says:

    Good choice. Although, I’d venture to say that your massage therapist could certainly screw up your correction if he’s doing release on your upper cervical spine. Might be good to have him talk to your chiropractor so that he understands the implications of re-subluxating you.

  5. Norm Cohen says:

    Could you recommend a Nucca pratitioner in or around the Fairfield area in CT.
    Norman Cohen 203 255 9662 or 917 868 5340 or

  6. [...] unknown posted a noteworthy aricle today onHere’s a small snippetI am interested to see in how this new chiropractice treatment will go. I believe strongly that my neck is having major issues on my whole body and hope this new approach will have some results. Now, although my NUCCA practitioner has … [...]

  7. Suren says:

    I have been seeing a NUCCA practiioner in Houston for about 5 months for neck pain due to herniated discs in cervical region. I don’t see much relief and on top of it my lower back started hurting after the 3rd adjustment. I probably had about 7,8 adjustments in last 5 months.

    I am wondering how long before I can see the relief in my neck pain and now back pain. I do feel little bit relief now and then but doesn’t long last. I did see a regular chiropractor a couple of years back for neck pain but did not do nay good.

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  10. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best methods for treating numerous health problems naturally. After years of experience being a chiropractor, I have found that it is a powerful way to solve many non-pain condition as well, such as fatigue, sleep problems, and sinus problems.

  11. HFNicholson says:

    I’ve had numerous back and neck problems for nearly 40 years and have tried a variety of treatments such as accupunture, chiro manipulation, massage, bio mechanics and an now considering taking the nucca. How ever at the Introductory price of $270 I’m certainly taking my time to think it over. I have been badly hurt through chiro and bio mechinacs and had to pay pay pay to have things looked after with considerable pain to endure. Is this a reasonable amount to pay for this treatment, I believe the follow ups are $40. All manupilations are a guess as the practiner is going by feel they can’t see what they’re working with and when it comes to the nerves in the spine and blood flow I become concerned when manipulations are going on. I’m fairly certain I have had small strokes from a technique of a chiro. In praise of my regular chiropracter she has kept me up and mobile for many years but did make the mistake of repeat adjustments for kidney stones not knowing that this was the problem. Thus if some one had a brain tumor or any tumors how would the chiro know what they’re doing they’re not trained in these departments!

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