A massage for your mouth

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Sounds kinky, doesn’t it?

Well, drop that idea. A massage in your mouth is anything but kinky. It’s one of the most painful procedures, ever.

What the heck am I talking about? Well, it’s a therapy technique to release the tension in the neck, head and jaw by massaging the mouth. From the inside.

Prior to accident #2, the tension in my neck was causing me to grind my teeth. I was making a lot of progress here, and don’t clench my jaw so much now. However, the injuries from accident #2 have caused the jaw to tense up again, more from the bottom than the top.

Here are some diagrams to explain:


The muscles of the neck, back, head and jaw are all one and the same. If something is out of alignment or injured, everything can suffer. Right now my jaw is just a tad crooked. If I try to bite down it feels incredibly off. The muscles on one side are just yanking it out of line.

My massage therapist has been working externally to help heal the injuries, relax the tension in the muscles and fascia, and relax the neck/jaw/face. However, working from the inside of the mouth is a much more effective means to reaching some muscles. The mouth itself is incredibly sensitive. It’s called "intraoral massage".


By pressing on certain areas of my mouth, having me open/close my mouth, some tension can be relieved. But it makes me kick. Oy, I hate it. The areas of focus are right under the tongue, the muscles of which you can see connect to the neck. As well, the soft palate around the tongue and my lower teeth, and the back of my jaw where I would have wisdom teeth if they were not yanked.

So, that was my massage for the day. Not fun, not pleasant. But effective for the time being. Be warned – if you are ever offered a massage inside your mouth, it will work. But you’ll hate it.

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3 Responses to “A massage for your mouth”

  1. Serryjw says:

    In ’86ish I moved from NYC to Atlanta. I was working for a SC company, worked out of Atlanta and then moved to Spartanburg for 6 months. I was have constant,excruciating headaches. I was going to doctor after doctor. They thought maybe is was early menopause….they were guessing. After I moved to Spartanburg the headaches continued. One of my associates asked if I would consider a holistic practitioner. I said yes, and made the appointment. When I arrived she gave me a BOOK to fill out. Literally from the top of my head to the tips of my toes and then sent me to lunch. I arrived back in her office an hour later and she declared.I know what is wrong with you! I said OK? WHAT? She said you have TMJ! You did way too much dental work, too fast and sent tremor to your TMJ. We need massage INSIDE my mouth daily for a month and the problem was gone..never to return.
    Funny, I never found it to be uncomfortable. She had the lights off, beautiful music to relax me and had a very nice ‘touch’. I highly recommend finding a practitioner that is experienced in doing it.

  2. I’ve had craniosacral therapy in my mouth during a continuing education seminar with the Upledger Institute. It was quite subtle yet effective.

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