Microsoft steals video, makes money from it

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My friend and co-worker had shot a video of a really cool mechanical spider that his brother built and added it to a story about it. That was about a year ago.

Today, he found his video on the MSN Video website, with no attribution and ads displayed alongside it. See for yourself. And the video is now tagged “” and is available here, uploaded by “Anonymous”.

I think MSN’s editors need to do a better job of checking where a video is coming from before they decide it is in the public domain. Is it hard to figure out if a video is not in the public domain? Yes. Is that an excuse to not do it? Of course not.

One Response to “Microsoft steals video, makes money from it”

  1. George C. says:

    That’s bad! I think that if they’re going to use that video, they should give credit to the owner. Thanks! Keep on with the good work.

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