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I saw this quote in a forum signature today. Love it.

"I’m an excellent housekeeper. Every time I get a divorce, I keep the house." – Zsa Zsa Gabor


Northern Voice Conference in Facebook

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I just opened up a Northern Voice Conference group in Facebook to open up for networking.

Go join. Network. :)

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Northern Voice: Mashups for Non-Geeks

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First session of Northern Voice, some of the interesting things from the Mashup for Non-Geeks:

  • Yahoo Pipes for mashups: Twitter RSS feed with Flickr pictures, for example.
  • You can clone and edit existing Yahoo Pipes
  • Yahoo Pipes has filtering capabilities
  • Dapper Virtual Browser allows you strip data from a page an output as RSS, CSV, etc.
  • Mixing feeds by tags – aggrssive among many others
  • Venus combines feeds & filters by tag
  • Grazr will render feeds and display them as an embedded widget on your site
  • NingDeveloper to create a from-scratch 2.0 site

My note: I have tried many feed filtering programs. I always get super excited about combining and filtering. But never have I found one that effectively works in Bloglines. None ever appear as updated. That has to be a requirement for me.

However, I’ve yet to try Pipes. I think it might be a potential for me.

One problem surrounds RSS standards and the ability to filter them. So, I might just have to wait ;)

More notes and links from the NV Wiki. These are resources that are going to be very valuable as we move into a redesign/branding of Blogaholics, which I am hoping to be a very exciting process.

My other beef: people creating wicked mashups with mashed up code. I don’t want to place things on my site that don’t look good, load like crap, have security leaks or are just really badly coded. As a non-geek, I feel very helpless here. Luckily I married a geek ;)

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Get your moose on

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We’ll be at Northern Voice tomorrow and Saturday. It’s our third "Mooseference" in Vancouver, and always a blast.

If you are in for the conference, come by and say hi.


What would Bush do?

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Funny flowchart of George W. Bush’s decision making process.

Or check out this one comparing science with faith:

Keyboard ergonomics

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After my second car accident a month or so ago, I’ve become incredibly sensitive to the ergonomics of my desk. Previously, sitting and working was actually more comfortable than watching tv or lying in bed. Crazy, but true. I have a really nice chair :)

Of late, however, the keyboard has become an issue. Because the injury occurred to my right side – my mouse arm – using the mouse became problematic. If I centred the keyboard, the mouse was too far right. If I moved the mouse in, the keyboard was too far left. The numerical pad simply made the keyboard too wide.

So, having a mac, it’s not the easiest thing in the world to get an ergonomic keyboard. It needs to be USB and have the "Apple" function key. They are incredibly expensive and must be shipped. This is the one we ordered 4 weeks ago and was delivered today:

The Fentek Mini USB Keyboard for Mac. Looks old school, and really is. My review: not so good. It sounds like I am jackhammering as I type this. For a gal with migraine issues, not a good thing. So, kinda totally pissed. Plus, in order to use the extra USB slot on the keyboard, I need to plug two usb cables to my laptop. So, no USB slots left. Stupid. The keyboard may "work", but it will simply drive me crazy.

Anyway, after getting completely frustrated, we ordered another one. The KeyOvation Goldtouch for Mac Adjustable Keyboard.

Crazy amount of money, but it’s recommended by Apple and has the "soft touch" key action to make the damn thing quiet. I am not so anal as to need it to be quite as ergonomic as it is, but it’s really the only other Mac friendly option. I will probably angle it somewhat to take advantage of the ergonomics, but it can also lay flat. There was an option to get the numerical keypad as a separate entity, but I am not reliant on it so am happy to do without. I will let you know how it is when it arrives next week :)

I will miss my Apple Keyboard. It was so pretty and Mac-ish. Apple should really make an ergonomic keyboard.

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Interview on 901am

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Duncan shot me out an interview on professional blogging a couple of days back for 901am.com.

It was an interesting experience to re-evaluate questions I have been asked before. I am much happier as a "pro blogger" now than I ever have been, but the answer as to why might surprise you.

Go check it out  :)

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